Zen Micro - Screen Displays "Firmware Probl


As an FYI for those with this issue.
Updated to the new beta firmware upon getting my Zen Micro. After having issues with Napster 2 Go, I got the service transferring the files to the Zen Micro. Listened to the files at night until I got the "Low Battery" message. Plugged it up to charge. Once fully charged, listend from about p til about 7p. The 5 minutes inactivity timer cut off the Zen Micro. Went to turn on the Zen Micro only to have the screen display, "Firmware Problem". I have rebooted, entered rescue mode and did a clean up and reboot, same error. I reloaded the firware to get back into the Zen Micro.


It would be worth trying a firmware upgrade, if you can, but it sounds like there might be a problem with the player.
I would advise you contact Customer Support directly for assistance.

November 30, -0001

Zen Micro - Screen Displays "Firmware Probl

As an FYI for those with this issue. Updated to the new beta firmware upon getting my Zen Micro. After having issues with Napster 2 Go, I got the service transferring the files to the Zen Micro. Listened to the files at night until I got the "Low Bat

Tracks in Zen Micro not displaying in MediaSou

I have had a Zen Micro for about 6 months. Until recently there have been no problems. The player worked fine and interfaced great with the software applications. I recently bought a Micro Photo and installed the software for it on my pc. After I did


Last night i installed the new 'plays for sure' firmware for my creative zen micro 4gb. I have windows media player 0 and my system is running service pack 2 by the way. The firmware installed fine and i went on media player to transfer all my music

Zen Micro defect with Firmware upd

(Zen Micro version 2.00.2) I updated my Zen Micro's firmware/drivers/applications the other day and now the player is not detected by creative media source organizer or zen micro media explorer - I have to transfer my songs through Real Player or WMP

Zen Micro-- July 1st firmware upgr

In creative's newletter I got in my email today, it said that there was a new (as of july st) firmware upgrade for the Zen Micro. I have my Micro at the 2..02 plays for sure firmware right now, and don't know if it would be worth it to upgrade to thi

Zen micro: mine displays incorrect track duration t

Hello all, I've had my zen mirco since january 2005, and i've noticed that a bunch of the tracks display the incorrect duration time...usually by around 40 seconds. for example, windows (and windows media player) will say a track is 6:02 duration and

Zen Micro - headphone jack & firmware quest

. my headphone jack is seriously wiggling, producing that static-ky sound that often only comes through one channel. and apparently, many others have the same problem. i am thinking about sending it back to creative for an exchange, but would it be w

How do u know that your zen micro suffer from headjack proble

I went to change my black zen micro on 7/6/2005 (b'cos of headjack problem) and again i think it happening again...awh :angry: i didnt really used my mp3 and i didnt really know how it suffer from this probelm, .What are the effects or How do you kno

Zen Micro screen st

my zen micro has hanged. there was prev some problems and it couldn't be detected by the computer. then when i plugged it into the usb port the mp3 started but got stuck at the song... hmm can it be something to do with the batt? i haven't changed it

Zen xtra 40 gb firmware probl

ok first off my computer doesnt recognize the zen xtra and i've tried updated drivers. i have windows xp home sp2. i tried cleanup and it didnt work then i tried reloading the OS and now i get firmware problems. i tried formatting but now i lost all

Zen Micro hangs up both in rescue mode and normal m

I've had my Zen Micro for about 2 months now but all of a sudden it just didn't want to start up at all (It came to the CREATIVE screen and then just stopped). Not knowing about any rescue mode, I decided to send it back to where I bought it. I got i

Zen Micro Firmware, Drivers etc probl

Only yesterday my Zen Micro crashed and i lost every single music file i had on it (over 900) when i went to sync music back on to it WMP said that it had an unknown error therefore it could not put the music onto my player. I then unistalled the sof

Creative Zen Micro proble

Okay so my friend gave me an old Zen Micro, the current firmware on it is v0.0.65. It says it has a firmware prbolem. I just reformatted my comp back?to windows XP, I downloaded both of the drivers, plugged my it in via usb, ran the installation. I t

[Zen Micro] New Firmware 1.10.02 - standby adjustme

Just downloaded this firmware but have not installed it: Creative Zen Micro Firmware .0.02 "This web release enables you to upgrade the firmware for your , 4, 5 or 6GB Creative Zen Micro player. You can upgrade from Creative Zen Micro firmware .02.05

Zen Micro Media Explorer troubleshoot

Zen Micro Media Explorer (4.0.22) has all greyed out buttons. Indicates device is not connected. Requests I connect my Zen Micro.Zen Micro is indeed connected via USB cable. Zen Micro has latest firmware. I am able to copy MP3 and WMA tracks from CD

Strange problem with zen micro (I'm going mad!!

merry xmas!! I've bought a zen micro in seprember, flashed with .xx firmware; I always used it with windows 2000 with no problem, but... problems began when I've installed a pci card usb 2.0 on my pc; the card worked finely with everything but not wi

BETA - Creative Zen Micro PlaysForSure with Windows Media Player 10 Update 2.10

I realise this has been talked about before, but... I installed Creative Zen Micro *PlaysForSure/MTP Firmware 2.00.2 a couple of times and I had trouble syncing tracks. Formatting and Cleaning Up didn't work, before you ask. So i downgraded to previo

Blue spots on Zen Micro scr

Recently, a number of blue spots have appeared on my Zen Micro screen. These spots are there even when the player is off, and they're all clustered around the center of the screen. Any idea what they may be, or how to get rid of them?If they appear e

HELP!! MY Zen Micros broken AG

ok I got impatient waiting for replies on the other post... My zen micro screen has gone blank, but the music still plays, this is the second time it has broken in the 2 weeks i've had it!! please can some one tell me how to fix this as i dont want t

[Zen Micro]Questions about the Firmw

Hello, I have some questions about the firmware of the Zen Micro . Can I use the Zen Micro without any Software (MediaSource?) on my PC (winXP) when im using the Firmware Creative Zen Micro *PlaysForSure/MTP Firmware 2.00.2 ? This means that i copy m