XID protocol error , sense 08910005 invalid CP name


I am trying to set up APPC LU62 connection between 2 Micro Focus enterprise server PCs. I have HIS 2010 server and client installed on each of the 2 PCs. An IP-DLC link was created and a peer to peer connection was defined using the SNA manager. However
I am getting a failure on the connection. The event viewer shows XID protocol error 08910005 invalid CP name. The CP name was  showing all zeros in the event viewer.
Both servers have the same NETID 'MFNET' and CP name of 'MFCP'
I also tried with one server with CP name MFCP and one with MFCP1. But the same error.
This is the first time I am using HIS. Most of the examples are showing connection to Host. But I am doing a peer to peer connection. I may have missed something in my configuration. Can anyone help ?


The IP-DLC link service was implemented to integrate with IBM Enterprise Extender on IBM mainframes and iSeries (AS/400s) systems. While HIS Servers using IP-DLC can communicate with each other via IP-DLC, they need to do so through a Network Node Server
(NNS). For example, our internal mainframe is a NNS, so I can have two HIS Servers using IP-DLC configured to connect to the NNS and I can enable APPC communication between the two HIS Servers. I cannot do this directly without an NNS.
Using DLC to connect HIS Servers has and can be done, but not with current versions. The DLC protocol and the 802.2 DLC link service have been removed from HIS starting with HIS 2010. HIS 2009 is the last version that supports DLC and this is only on 32-bit
systems because a 64-bit version of DLC never existed. The last 32-bit Windows Server version is Windows Server 2008 (not R2). Since you have HIS 2010, you don't have an option to try DLC. If you were to try HIS 2009, you would need to make sure the MFES servers
are running on 32-bit operating systems.
Have you checked with MicroFocus to see if they have any options to meet your needs?
I have worked with customers using MicroFocus with HIS, but they were communicating with IBM mainframes or AS/400s.
Stephen Jackson - MSFT

November 30, -0001

XID protocol error , sense 08910005 invalid CP name

I am trying to set up APPC LU62 connection between 2 Micro Focus enterprise server PCs. I have HIS 2010 server and client installed on each of the 2 PCs. An IP-DLC link was created and a peer to peer connection was defined using the SNA manager. Howe

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