Workflow for authorization requests


First of all
I don't normally work with SAP security and authorizations, so please tell me if my question is in wrong forum.
My question
Does any Workflow for authorization requests exist.
If I search SDN and google, I get lots of hits about authorization for workflow, but what I search is workflow for authorization requests.
I often observe time wasting discussions about "who should have authorization for what", and I think this is caused by lack of well defined procedures describing the business rules and process for granting authorizations to a specific user.
Of course I understand the need for a more overall design and implementation of authorizations, but at the same time I observe, that a very common scenario is, that a new or existing employee is asked to take care of some business task or maybe a system maintenance task like customizing, but the user don't have the correct authorizations to perform this specific task.
Does any standard workflow exist for handling the process of requesting, approving and implementing authorizations?
Or is there a better approach to this problem?
Kind regards


if you mean a request for new role assignment then there is no standard SAP workflow for this. You could implement. SAP offers other tools that can help you to achieve this. GRC suite has a tool for role approvals and it's super easy to implement approval workflow in SAP IdM. 3rd party IdM solutions have workflow capabilities as well. External tools such as SAP IdM allow you to perform role assignment over multiple SAP and non-SAP systems (there are other benefits as well).
If you mean request to add missing authorization object to already existing role then I don't  think there is a need for workflow. In stable environment this should not happen very often and you still have to create/modify security role in DEV and then posh it through QA environment to production.

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Hi First of all I don't normally work with SAP security and authorizations, so please tell me if my question is in wrong forum. My question Does any Workflow for authorization requests exist. If I search SDN and google, I get lots of hits about autho

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