Windows 2000 Error


Hi all,
I am receiving a error when running a projector on Windows
"Unable to locate DLL. The dynamic link library gdiplus.dll
could not be found.."
I have authored the project on macintel, and downloaded and
installed the latest mac hot fix for D11.
Is this a problem with authoring on macintel? Is Win2000
supported by D11. I have found docs
in the developer center saying it is and in other areas on
the website the playback requirements do not mention
Has anyone else had this problem?


To sum it up..
Director MX04 was built with win9x playback support in mind.
Dir11 was built
for XP+.
Gdi+ is not a part of the standard 2000 installation, but is
probable to
find it on an OS machine - added during the installation of
some app.
So, if you found some docs that include w2k in the playback
list, I guess that someone added it there without testing on
a clean 2K
installation. The official site, however, states XP SP2+ /
Vista, as minimum
Btw, I also find dropping 2k support to be a bad move.
They could do it 'officially', to be on the safe side.
But losing 2k in order to use gdi+? And when already having
the image I/O
code from previous versions?
Necromanthus has good reason to ignore any machine that
doesn't have a
descent 3D card installed.
However, 3D/games is not the only thing that director can be
used for.
And having the companies with the machines you mentioned in
mind, I am
trying to retain 98/NT compatibility on certain apps I'm
building, whenever
"pvansch" <[email protected]> wrote in
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Originally posted by:
Originally posted by:
Mike Blaustein
> But that doesn't change the main fact: XP-SP2 represents
about 90% of the
> users.
> Also, Microsoft is pushing big bucks to promote Vista.
> cheers
> Hello necromanthus, this is probably a little off topic
from my original
> post
> and I appreciate
> your opinion & personal experience in these matters.
However your quote of
> a
> 90% XP-SP2
> install base and marketing of Vista doesn't really mean
much to me as a
> developer
> and this particular problem.
> I use Director and a bunch of other RAD tools to develop
> solutions as
> requested by clients.
> So depending on what sector they work in (advertising,
creative agency,
> IT,
> finance, education)
> I find the hardware, OS and installed plugins vary
> I have managed to track down this GDI+ dll and get
something working but I
> don't understand
> whether this is a problem Adobe should be looking into?
> Is this an isolated problem just with my clients?
> Adobe have listed Windows 2000 as a supported playback
platform so why
> this
> error now
> and yet Director MX 2004 doesn't generate this error?
> Overall it just doesn't inspire a lot of confidence in
me in their QA for
> this
> release.

November 30, -0001

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Hi all, I am receiving a error when running a projector on Windows 2000. "Unable to locate DLL. The dynamic link library gdiplus.dll could not be found.." I have authored the project on macintel, and downloaded and installed the latest mac hot f

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