Help!  I'm hoping there is a simple reason why I can't get my simple edits to reflect on the website.Here is what I have done/tried:
1. opened and added one simple line of text (with one link to a pdf) to one page of the pre-exisitng site.
2. checked both properties and code to make sure everything matched the preceding, similar line of text
3. connected successfully to remote site through dreamweaver
4. tried both "putting" and synchronizing the file (along with dependent files)
5. the first time I did this I got the message that "no syncronization info is available" from  the remote site
6. clicked ok (after going back and  unchecking "maintain synchronization information," and making sure there were no sync files in the _name folders)
7. it took a long time to upload all of the files from the local site.  when it finished, the log stated that everything put successfully, but the website
doesn't look any different.
Our root folder is saved on our server.  We just recently changed web host providers.
Also, for each webpage, there are two html files (one general and then one with a 1, 2 or 3 column descriptor).  I edited and put both to the site, but is there
something I should know about these two files?
??  I just need to make some really simple edits and I don't understand why they are not showing up!!??
Any help would be deeply appreciated!!!
Thanks, Jessica


I followed your instructions and was able to see the dummy page in the browser.  (no file not found error)
OK - that's good.
I only have one site defined (should I have two - one for local and one for remote?)
Well, one site definition has the ability to contain local and multiple remote site specifications.  Under the basic Site category in the Site definition, you will see the path to the local root folder.  Under the Servers category, you will see each server that has been defined - usually a Remote server (that would be your web hosting account) and a Testing server (if you are coding a site with server scripting).  It's normally the case, with a simple, static HTML site, to have just Local and Remote details in your site definition.
I called our host (Go Daddy) to ask what the name of the root directory was and they instructed me to just leave that blank. so right now it just appears as \
Actually, it should be either blank or "/" (the regular slash).
If you are able to see the dummy file that you browsed to but still do not see changes made to other files, then it must be that the host is caching files on your site.  You would have to ask them that question.  Otherwise, you should see changes that have been uploaded immediately.

October 11, 2015


Help!  I'm hoping there is a simple reason why I can't get my simple edits to reflect on the website.Here is what I have done/tried: 1. opened and added one simple line of text (with one link to a pdf) to one page of the pre-exisitng site. 2. checked

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