Web Service That Return A Table


Does Someone Know A WebService Witch Return Or Have A Parameter That Is A Table
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Maybe this links will give you a hint.
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Web Service That Return A Table

Hello, Does Someone Know A WebService Witch Return Or Have A Parameter That Is A Table Thank You For Your AnswersHello, Maybe this links will give you a hint. /people/thomas.jung3/blog/2005/01/05/develop-a-web-service-that-sends-an-email--in-abap htt

Invoking a web service that returns binary

Hi, Is it possible to invoke a web service that returns a binary object? Its similar the following example but I need to return a binary object : declare v_url:='http://www.somesite.com/function_name?invoke=placeOrder&par1=val1' v_output varchar2(400

Problem with web service that returns an object with a String that have som

Hi everybody: I have a problem with a web service I am doing, I have made a web service that returns a collection of objects, the objects have a set of properties, there is one property that is a String,this property consists in a text fragment that

Can Adobe Interactive PDF consume a service that returns JSON?

Can Adobe Interactive PDF consume a service that returns JSON? A few web sites seem to suggest it can: http://livedocs.adobe.com/coldfusion/8/htmldocs/help.html?content=functions_c-d_43.html http://blogs.adobe.com/acdc/2008/08/using_json_to_exchange_

How configure a primavera web service to return data from the second database?

Hi everyone, We have P6 with first WS deployed on a single server weblogic domain. The first WS return data from the first database instance. Then deployed advanced second WS on a separate weblogic domain server with a different port. Configured seco

How to call a web service that is managed by web services manager from omni

Ok gurus... here is an interesting one for you. We have a set of web services that are deployed to our server. We have Oracle Web Services Manager deployed to another server and is acting as a gateway to our web services. We would like to call our we

Trying to get the input parameter of a web service fxn based on table value

Hello-- I am new to ADF and Jdev 11g (I am a forms developer). I had created a web service from a pl/sql stored db package. I can successfully execute a function with an input parameter from ADF Faces. Instead of the input parameter being enterable b

Invoke web service to return binary file (image) using soap

Dear all, Please I a problem when invoking a web service throgh soap protocol, this we service has two operations, the first one takes student id and return doctype of it's documents id's, the another operation takes the document id and return it's i

Problem execution web service which display a table

Hi everybody, I create a web dynpro appication which calls an Adaptative Web Service. The associated RFC ZTEST_ROD takes 2 inputs parameters and delivers a table like this:      - Field Import: MATNR type MATNR     WERKS type WERKS_D      - Field Tab

Problems creating a web service that uses the report generation toolkit

Hi,        Im trying to develop a web service using labview 2013. I create a html form that is correctly communicating with my labview method and part of the web service functionality is to create a report from the data obtained in the html form publ

OBIEE Web Services + HtmlViewService returns an iframe?

It looks like the when using the HTMLViewService methods, they are just returning an iframe. When I write the HTML to a file and load the page, I am getting an Access is Denied error from the JavaScript. Probably something to do with cross-site scrip

C# Calling SAP RFC/Web Service Failure

Hi SAP Experts, I am facing this problem. When an external system is calling my SAP RFC/Web Service, the external system(which is not SAP) is not getting the correct value. But when I test the RFC in SAP GUI It is working correctly. When I test betwe

Web services and forms

I´m very new at this... I want to use a web service in an Oracle Forms9i application, I have created a stub in JDeveloper, added path to CLASSPATH and used the Java Importer in Forms to create a PL/SQL package. So far so good. Now to my problem, I do

How to Retrieve Data From Web Service with Optional Arguments

This should be a simple one. I have a web service that returns a list of books. There are 3 optional arguments that can be passed to this (ex. book type, author, id) to filter this list. Do I still need to use the <mx:request> tags if I am not going

Web Services and Internal Tables.

Hi. In the next days I will need to create a program to consume a Web Service that is going to return data like an internal table, I mean... Field1a | Field2a | Field3a Field1b | Field2b | Field3b Field1c | Field2c | Field3c Do you have any ABAP exam

How to return multiple record with Oracle Native Web Service?

Dear all, I would like to know that the oracle native web service can be able to return multiple records to client or not? I successfully developed the oracle native web service for returning single record but the next challenge is to develop web ser

Problem in fetching values from Java Web Service returning ArrayList

Hi all, I am calling an External Java web Service from BPEL. That Java Web Service is returning an Arraylist. I am not able to assign the values returned by the Java web service to local String Variables of BPEL. Kindly help me...Hi, My problem has b

Any existing BAPI that can be wrapped and exposed as a web service ???

Hi , I am designing PI Collaboration Platform and that all about Monitoring across SAP ECC, SAP PI and Non-SAP applications. BUSINESS CASE: Some clients are  looking for a solution that allows there management some visibility into the end-to-end aspe

VC consume Web Service

I have a web service that runs on my local app server. The method within the service basically takes in a number and return an array of objects. I was able to create the screen flow in VC to handle the input and output. However, when i tried to compi

Getting Inconsistent Results from Web Service

We have a web service that provides Qty Available for several item numbers (current 252 item numbers). It takes in an array of item numbers to be checked. It returns an xml file with those item numbers and the qty available, which is drawn directly f