Want to change data type CHAR32 to CHAR40 in cutomized function module(CRM)


Hi Friends,
     I have a requirement to change the data type CHAR32 to char40 .
     Pls guide me how to do it.do I need to change it directly or we have do anymore changes?
Thx in Adv.


Hello Baba,
In my opinion the length of a data field has little to do with the ITS and it's templates.  You should be able to change the length for your function module and then the new length should work on the ITS if using the Webgui.  If you have custom templates then maybe you will need to recreate the templates or modify the field length, but this is second to actually changing the datatype length in the R/3 system.

October 11, 2015

Want to change data type CHAR32 to CHAR40 in cutomized function module(CRM)

Hi Friends,      I have a requirement to change the data type CHAR32 to char40 .      Pls guide me how to do it.do I need to change it directly or we have do anymore changes? Thx in Adv. BabaHello Baba, In my opinion the length of a data field has li

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