WAD reports: download to excel


When you download your report data to excel, is there some kind of option available so that the user cannot change the data inside the excel? Or some kind of thing in the document that states that this data is original/changed. Does such a mechanism exist that can say that the data is original when you download it via the web report?
Thanks in advance!


as u said u r downloading the data to excel from wad
now the output is stored  in excel and if user changes this data then this change will reflect at local pc of ur user
wat i meant to say is
lets say ur query is runing thru webtemplate ww
now ur user x download the query execution thru excel to his pc xx
now if user changes this excel it will only happen at his pc xx
now if user forwards this changed excel then and only then this change spreads
otherwise watever the query execution is going to be it will remain same at all pc's
in short user can change excel at their respective pc's
if it is assigned to u to send the downloaded excel from wad to different user communities
then after downloading u can secure the excel document
u can download say result aa on day 1
after downloading use Tools in tabs and then select Options and then in dialog box u can select Security and set the password to open the document, to change the document etc.
u can set password to edit the document
this way ur forwarded excel will not get changed
or if ur doubt is if user change data in excel dowloaded from wad , does it change data at infoprovider then the answer is NO.
the data at infoprovider will not be changed.

October 11, 2015

WAD reports: download to excel

Hi, When you download your report data to excel, is there some kind of option available so that the user cannot change the data inside the excel? Or some kind of thing in the document that states that this data is original/changed. Does such a mechan

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