Using SQL query directly in DI


I have a five long SQL query that extracts columns from 2 tables based on conditions and creates 5 new tables with new columns. The query looks some thing like this:
select a.num_1, b.unid, c.tycod, min(b.csec) - min(a.csec) turnout into
from un_hi a
left join un_hi b on a.num_1 = b.num_1
and ((a.unid = b.unid and left(b.unid,1) not in ('E','Q') and
left(a.unid,1) not in ('E','Q'))
or (right(a.unid,len(a.unid)-1) = right(b.unid,len(b.unid)-1)
and left(b.unid,1) in ('E','Q') and left(a.unid,1) in ('E','Q')))
and b.unit_status = 'ER'
left join aeven c on a.num_1 = c.num_1 and c.rev_num = 1
where a.num_1 like 'F011%' and a.unit_status in ('DP','XE')
group by a.num_1, b.unid, c.tycod;
Is there any way i can directly incorporate the above query in DI and run? The source file is excel sheet and output is SQL server.
Should i use the script in the work flow to execute the query?
Appreciate your inputs.


I am not sure if BODI can execute SQL directly from Excel sheet as source...
Though, you may try to create a File Format for your excel sheet (& multiple tabs), set it as source then use the Query Transform to apply your SQL?
As stated in the Designer Guide:
The Query transform can perform the following operations:
u2022 Choose (filter) the data to extract from sources
u2022 Join data from multiple sources
u2022 Map columns from input to output schemas
u2022 Perform transformations and functions on the data
u2022 Perform data nesting and unnesting
u2022 Add new columns, nested schemas, and function results to the output
u2022 Assign primary keys to output columns
Hope this helps!

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Using SQL query directly in DI

Hi, I have a five long SQL query that extracts columns from 2 tables based on conditions and creates 5 new tables with new columns. The query looks some thing like this: select a.num_1, b.unid, c.tycod, min(b.csec) - min(a.csec) turnout into #tab1 fr

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