Using HTTP Range Header in Sound's URL Request


We have an audio player that loads and play external mp3s using the Sound object.  To improve audio scrubbing performance over slow connections we're
thinking of adding the Range header to the URLrequest to retrieve a specific byte range when the user adjusts the seek bar. Has anyone done this before? Is this even possible with Flash?  Thanks in advance for your help.


I will try to describe my project maybe somebody will give me another solution. I have 2 web applications, running on Jboss and Oracle As, in the same network. The application on Oracle As uses basic authentication. The application running on Jboss has no authentication, basic, form on digest, but the request is to implement an authorization against the Oracle As users.
I find out the solution to authenticate through the java code using Authenticator.setDefault, please see the code above, but when I try to click a link to a secured page in Oracle As I still receive the basic popup askink me for user and password.
Therefore I need to add authentication information to the http request header sent by the client running on jboss when open a secured page from the second app, running on Oracle As.
The application on Oracle Aps uses basic authentication so I just need to add the "Authorization: Basic <base64 string>" header. I checked with to see exactly how this header looks like.
Can anybody offer an example to demonstrate how to add the Authorization header? Thanks.

November 30, -0001

Using HTTP Range Header in Sound's URL Request

Hi, We have an audio player that loads and play external mp3s using the Sound object.  To improve audio scrubbing performance over slow connections we're thinking of adding the Range header to the URLrequest to retrieve a specific byte range when the

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