Urgent - Migrate data from Excel sheets


Hello all..
I want to move data from excel sheets into oracle9i Database
I have a bout 50 table with average of 5000 row per table
How could I do it
I will be so obligated if you could detail it for me
Thanks in advance


I want to insert data using loader in the table Tablename
Name Type
I use this statement:
load data
infile 'D:\Sqlldr\load.dat'
into table subclasses
I need to use default value for the column SCE_NAME,P_CODE_LENTH
what is the formula for this

October 11, 2015

Urgent - Migrate data from Excel sheets

Hello all.. I want to move data from excel sheets into oracle9i Database I have a bout 50 table with average of 5000 row per table How could I do it I will be so obligated if you could detail it for me Thanks in advanceI want to insert data using loa

Read data from excel sheet and then perform the required operations.

Hi all I need to write a procedure which can read data from excel sheet.I have excel sheet in which i have to options one is modification and other is addition.so if it reads modification then i need to read the concerned table name then check its av

Getting short dumps while reading bulky data from excel sheet

Hi all, We have converted our non-unicode based sap system (R/3 4.7, Windows 2003, SQL 2000) into a unicode based system recently. We are facing two peculiar problems for last few days. *Problem 1 - *Whenever we want to upload the data from excel she

Pasting data from Excel sheet to Table in web dynpro View

Hii All, Is it possible to copy data ( some rows) from Excel sheet and paste in table in a view? I tried doing this, but only first element is getting pasted.. Does anybody know how to do this? Is there any way to perform similar thing? Pls help. reg

How to delete the Junk Data From Excel Sheet

Dear ABAPers,             I am uploading the Excel sheet from the Desktop to the SAP System. In the Internal table i am getting Unwanted Junk data's for Example '##########'.I am not getting this Junk data for all the times. i am getting it for Some

Uploading Data From Excel Sheet to SAP Database Tables

Dear Friends, We are having an Excel Sheet with 90 different columns. Now we want only 2 of the columns to be uploaded in the database tables. So, Plz tell me which function module will be suitable for this. And plz help me with the code also. Thanks

Uploading data from Excel sheet into SAP.

Dear All, I want to upload data existing in Excel sheet into SAP. Is there any possibility with the following requirements? 1) Excel file contains serial numbers with different values.Like power(230Wp),Voc,Isc,Vmp and Imp. 2) We need to upload the sa

Problem in loding data from excel sheet

hi , i hav some problem with sqlloader.i m using oracle8i this is my loader.ctl file load data infile 'c:\data\emp.xls'           into table employee fields terminated by "," optionally enclosed by '"'           ( empno, empname, sal, deptn

Error while importing data from excel to forms

Hi, I am working on Oracle forms 10g, and I'm supposed to import data from excel sheet to forms. While the user enters the data,sometimes after entering a particular word he/she hits the alt+enter button. As a result the data appears in two lines in

Reg transfer of data from excel to internal table

hi i need to upload datas from Excel sheet to Internal Table.For this i use d FM ALSM_EXCEL_TO_INTERNAL_TABLE.but the problem is if a particular field has no value in excel sheet,then its not  uploaded into internal table.then next field value has co

Upload data from excel where one column has text of 3000 characters

Guyz, I have a query. One of my requirments is to upload data from excel sheet & create a material. In the excel sheet one of the columns has text for BASIC DATA TEXT under ADDITIONAL DATA of a Material. This is a text of running length. the selectio

How to transfer a set of data from Excel spread sheet to an Access database

hi, Can any one please tell me how to transfer a set of data from Excel spread sheet to an Access database using SQL query.I'm using java API currently. I have done all sorts of ODBC connection in administrative tools.The file is in correct location.

Upload data from Excel to Internal table

Hi, I am facing a peculiar problem in uploading the data in excel sheet to internal table. The excel file contains material number and product hierarchy number. The product hierarchy number for some material is downloaded as 5.73101E17 for the value

Problem while exporting data to Excel sheet.......

Hi I have written the following code to export data to excel sheet... data:        conv_out TYPE REF TO cl_abap_conv_out_ce,        content TYPE xstring. data : itab_slsrl type table of znslsrlitm. data: xml_out TYPE string. Data: Node_slsrl type ref

Is it possibke to extract import data from excel file not csv type

I am getting training from somebody, who is telling me the excel file has to be type csv only to extract and import the excel data for creating infoobjects, is that true. Please kindly provide steps, if any one has steps to extract the excel data whi

Downloading table data into Excel sheet - Webdynpro Java

Hi All, We have developed a custom webdynpro application that executes an RFC and displays data in Table UI element. We have provided a button to download the data in excel sheet. When data is huge like, total number of rows filled up in the table ar

How to read the data in excel sheet

Dear sir, How to read the data in excel sheet when i recieve a data serial communication... ie i have store a data in excel such that Cell A       Cell B    A           Apple     B           Ball    C           Cat    D           Doll when i recieve

Can I use Power Query to Import a table from Excel sheet range which starts not from the top row?

Hi, Being an experienced Excel user before Power BI, I am just starting to explore the M and Power Query capabilities, and need help already (ain't easy to google this use case somehow): I need to import the table which sits in the Excel file with he

Importing data from Excel

Hi, I'm trying to import data from Excel into Indesign while still keeping the formatting when updates are made to the linked Excel spreadsheet. However, everytime I update the link, the Indesign document loses all the formatting that I'm worked on a

Upload data from Excel to Itab

Dear All, Suppose I have data in the form of a matrix and I need to upload the data into the database after validation. The excel sheet is of the format: Emp Empdept E1     E2     E3     E4     E5     E6     E7     E8     E9      E1     MEC     0