Upgrade Path to Final Cut Studio


Hi there
I have inherited a box of oldish Final Cut Pro / Final Cut Studio discs complete with serial numbers. All official Apple products with stickers & Retail Versions.
*Final Cut Pro HD retail
*Final Cut Studio Upgrade from FCP
I've not installed them on my MBP so far as I was looking to get a new edition and was hoping to qualify for the upgrade price.
So my question is this:
Can I buy the latest Final Cut Studio Upgrade Version and just use the serial number stickers or will I need to install all the discs in turn. Also will I qualify.


If you acquired those old versions because someone else upgraded from them to a newer version, technically:
1. The old versions should no longer be used by anyone.
2. You shouldn't use them to again upgrade to a 2nd copy of a newer version.
There is no restriction in the upgrade that would prevent multiple upgrades from occurring. Let your conscience be your guide.
Caveat: I'm not a lawyer and I didn't thoroughly read the SW license agreement again.

November 30, -0001

Upgrade Path to Final Cut Studio

Hi there I have inherited a box of oldish Final Cut Pro / Final Cut Studio discs complete with serial numbers. All official Apple products with stickers & Retail Versions. *Final Cut Pro HD retail *Final Cut Studio Upgrade from FCP I've not installed

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