Unable to import design objects


Hi ,
I am trying to import design objects into XI 3.0 SP 14 which is on Solaris.
When I imported the design objects all the objects were imported successfully for the first time.
Again when I tried to import the objects I am getting an error
"Attempt to deserialize failed You can proceed with the transport though objects with errors will be ignored. This may cause inconsistencies in other objects after import. Do you want to proceed? "
When I click on continue ,I am getting an error
"ERROR : ; nested exception is: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError
Can anybody help me to fix this problem
Thanks for your help


Hi Michal,
Thanks for your help.
It is taking a long time and erroring out. But how to import fewer design objects.
I am importing the .tpz file which contains all the design objects.
Can you please tell me how to import only fewer objects

November 30, -0001

Unable to import design objects

Hi , I am trying to import design objects into XI 3.0 SP 14 which is on Solaris. When I imported the design objects all the objects were imported successfully for the first time. Again when I tried to import the objects I am getting an error "Attempt

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