Types in function modules


hi   i want to know how many types of function modules are there please help in this .


You have so much information regarding this in sdn.
But function modules basically classified into
1)Normal Function Module
2)Remote-Enabled Module
For more information check this link.
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November 30, -0001

Types of function Modules

What are different types of function modules ?? Please tell in detail about Normal function modules and RFC enabled functional modules ? I have searched other threads also but did not get the enough descriptions of the same. Please respond !Hi Shreya

Types in function modules

hi   i want to know how many types of function modules are there please help in this . thankyou pavanHi, You have so much information regarding this in sdn. But function modules basically classified into 1)Normal Function Module 2)Remote-Enabled Modu

IDoc : Linking Basic type and function module

Hi, I am in the process of customizing for inbound processing. I have one doubt reqarding below customizing : t-code WE57: FM                               Message type          Basic type ZBAPI_IDOC                ACC_DOCUMENT   ACC_DOCUMENT01 ZBAPI

Regarding Obsolete function module

hi guys, Can the Addon function module be obsolete? I found the function module attributes having 'unreleased' attribute without any date. if obsolete, any action is necessary. Please confirm Thanks PriyanObsolete does not equal "unreleased"...

Function Module to Download Internal table in EXCEL

Hi All, I need a Function Module to download the Internal table to Excel File. I Have used SAP_CONVERT_TO_XLS_FORMAT, but this function modules are using GUI_Download indirectly. I dont want to use GUI_DOWNLOAD as i am going to call this Function Mod

Regarding Function module exits

Hi, function module exit :EXIT_SAPLAFAR_002 include in function module exit :ZXAFAU02 include exit is implemented :LAFARF70 Main Program :SAPLAFAR Please help me how to execute this funcion moduel exit, and how to work on it, I could not find out any

Function module expression for dynamic value for Cost center in BRF

Hello Experts, We are in SRM 7.0 and our business object is shopping cart using BRF. Right now we have Cost Center Approver and its evaluation id ()zev_sc_**_*) has expression zc_sc_*_** that checks whether overallvalue >= 5000. It initiates cost cen

Type conflict in function module parameters

Hi All, i hve to pass dynamic field <dyn_field> into function module parameters but  it's giving a dump for type conflict. where VALUE2  data type in 'AUTHORITY_CHECK' is UST12-VON but if i define <dyn_field> type UST12-VON . then it'll give d

Billing type in BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2 function Module

Hi, Am creating sales orders through my program using the Function Module "BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2". I have data(fields) for which i have to create a Sales orders. I have mapped all the fields to the structures in the FM except Billing Ty

Receiver Type Function Module in SWE2 use of export parameter.

i am trying to understand the underlying concept in following things:(neednot to say i have searched alot and read sap documentation already). In event type linkage table say i have an entry for BOR -> AFVC_PM. As per sap Documentation says all these

How to access Business object type attribute from a method/function modul ?

Hello, i have created a business object type object along with attributes and methods. Now inside the method i want to access the attributes. inside the method i am writing: data a type XXX. a = me->attribute this is creating a compilation error. Now

Want to change data type CHAR32 to CHAR40 in cutomized function module(CRM)

Hi Friends,      I have a requirement to change the data type CHAR32 to char40 .      Pls guide me how to do it.do I need to change it directly or we have do anymore changes? Thx in Adv. BabaHello Baba, In my opinion the length of a data field has li

Execute function module using outputs

Hi, I want to create reservations automatically when a rental sales order is saved. I have the function module for creating reservations and want to know if I can execute it using outputs. I don't want to include code in user exits. Can anyone sugges

Need help for the Function Module 'PFL_GET_PARAMETER_INFO'

Hi Experts, The FM 'PFL_GET_PARAMETER_INFO'  returns the value for Profile Parameters for a system . The inputs required for this FM are :   1.   Parameter name  : ( eg . login/min_password_lng etc. )                      2 . Parameter Type I am not

Function module: bpc application to DSO

Hi friends, i'm trying to write bpc application data to DSO via BADI.  Is there any function module to update DSO? Thanks,Hi Naresh, It is important to use the right kind of DSO. Only DSOs for Direct Update support writing with a function module. The

Regarding function module

hi all, could u pls help me on my thread. in my program data:p_molga type molga. select-options:s_molga for p_molga. in function module source code select         pernr         jobseq         docnum         molga         bukrs         jobname        

Function module to get last fiscal week

Hi Gurus, Can anybody give me the function module to go back to few fiscal weeks. For example , if the current fiscal week is 2008030, I need to get the value 2008024. This can be done with ABAP code. But I am looking for function module. Thanks, Raj

Function module usage in vendor ageing report for ageing calculation

hi everybody there as i have to calculate the vendor ageing which is nothing but AGEING = Currentdate - BLINE date so for this i have coded as follows and use the function module but couldn't get the result .it is alwayas showing 0 means ageing  is o

Urgent: Function module for getting the input from user  using a pop up

Hi all, My requirement at user commmand a pop up should appear asking the user to enter the session name for the bdc session to be created. My report allows the user to enter the session name of his choice. I need the name of the function module whic

Variables passed to Function module for posting the Idoc

Hi, For Posting the Inbound Idoc a Function module is created what should be the values passed to 1) return_variable and 2) workflow_result. I saw in many of the program like this if there is an error in posting. I gave return_variable-wf_param = ' E