Type conflict in function module parameters


Hi All,
i hve to pass dynamic field <dyn_field> into function module parameters but  it's giving a dump for type conflict.
where VALUE2  data type in 'AUTHORITY_CHECK' is UST12-VON but if i define <dyn_field> type UST12-VON . then it'll give dump in *ASSIGN COMPONENT  SECURITY_TABLE-FIELDNAME  of structure <wa> to <dyn_field> *.
SECURITY_TABLE-FIELDNAME  data type is different with UST12-VON .
pls guide me how to pass *<dyn_field> in fm parameters.
FIELD-SYMBOLS: <dyn_field> type any.
             <wa> to <dyn_field> .
            USER                = QUSER
            OBJECT              = SECURITY_TABLE-AUTHOBJCT
            FIELD1              = 'ACTVT'
            VALUE1              = '03'
            FIELD2              = SECURITY_TABLE-FIELDNAME
            VALUE2              = <dyn_field>


Hi anuj ,,
Can you explauin the solution ..

November 30, -0001

Type conflict in function module parameters

Hi All, i hve to pass dynamic field <dyn_field> into function module parameters but  it's giving a dump for type conflict. where VALUE2  data type in 'AUTHORITY_CHECK' is UST12-VON but if i define <dyn_field> type UST12-VON . then it'll give d

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