Triggers not working in Oracle 9iAS


The form triggers are not working in oracle 9i AS.
My Application server has Linux operating system with oracle form/report server installed. I am able to upload the form
in the client machine (using Internet Explorer Win98 OS). Also i can feed in the data but none of my triggers are working (WHEN BUTTON PRESSED and other validation triggers).
Can anyone suggest what to do pls.
Tnks in advance
Manoj Philip
[email protected]


Well we've tested on Linux and the trigger do work - I remember two other postings on this forumn from prople with the same problem:
Re: SQL Developer Necessities
Re: About  EXPLAIN PLAN table
In one case the problem was not re-compiling using, in the other it was something to do with the Machine setup but I don't know what the final resolution was.
The only other thing is to make sure that you are on a certified linux release for using with iAS e.g. Redhat Server 2.1 and Suse Enterprise server 7 and Untited Linux
You can check the current certifications on

November 30, -0001

Triggers not working in Oracle 9iAS

The form triggers are not working in oracle 9i AS. My Application server has Linux operating system with oracle form/report server installed. I am able to upload the form in the client machine (using Internet Explorer Win98 OS). Also i can feed in th

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