Treating source with 4:3 info as 16:9 possible with Final Cut Express?


I want to switch from Premiere Elements 3 + PC to iMac + Final Cut Express. But I need some help to make this decision.
The digital PAL format is with square pixels 768x576 and with rectangle pixels 720x576.
There is no difference for widescreen format, the pixel width is just only interpreted with factor 1.422.
Problem: Most HD/DVD set top recorders are not putting the widescreen information to recorded material. Unfortunately, most software for video cutting is not able to handle this source as 16:9 format and is interpreting this as 4:3.
FYI: Usually with source from DV cams having widescreen capability, there are no such problems.
Premiere Elements has the possibility to right click on source and say "Treat source pixel as PAL Widescreen 16:9 (1.422)".
I often edit material recorded with set top HD/DVD recorder.
For this reason, this function is essential to me.
Question: Has Final Cut Express (HD) also a function like decribed above implemented?
I really would appreciate any reply and help.


OK, many many thanks.
What about Martin and you mentioned of iDVD?
May iDVD (HD) not directly produce anamorphic DVDs? Is it necessary to use third parity software as you both mentioned?
Please aware, that I am about to change from PC to Mac - due to the basic message of the current Mac ads: On a Mac fits everything - and specially multimedia work is much easier and better...
Unfortunately I have no idea, where I may test (in Liechtenstein/Switzerland) all this stuff before buying... Im am missing somthing like "30 days fully functional free demo version to download etc. etc..." (with most PC software you can do this - even with Office 2007...)
Apple makes it not easy to switch from PC to Mac...
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October 11, 2015

Treating source with 4:3 info as 16:9 possible with Final Cut Express?

I want to switch from Premiere Elements 3 + PC to iMac + Final Cut Express. But I need some help to make this decision. The digital PAL format is with square pixels 768x576 and with rectangle pixels 720x576. There is no difference for widescreen form

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