Traport importing problem with repeating return code error 8


Hi all,
We are facing some transport import problem.When we sent transport initially AAA900244,they faced with return code error 8 and syntax error 109.As the information provided by the client,one of the include  program which is not availble at client system that was included in this transport.So that was the problem.Again we have taken  new  tranport AAA900247 without this include program then same type of error message they faced with return code error 8 and syntax error 109 in the include program when imported.
I have one doubt, when importing new transport this should overwrite the earlier transport data.Why the same type error client is getting.What might be the reason.
Is earlier transport  imported?? Why it throwing same type error.What actually the fuctionality of Return code 8 whether it is imported or discarded.
Thanks in advance.


Hi Ramesh,
That include is not at all required at client system.So next time when we have taken transport we have not included this include program.They imported new transport without this include program.But they are facing same error as they faced first time. What could be reason??

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Traport importing problem with repeating return code error 8

Hi all, We are facing some transport import problem.When we sent transport initially AAA900244,they faced with return code error 8 and syntax error 109.As the information provided by the client,one of the include  program which is not availble at cli

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