Transporting Premiere CC keyboard shortcuts to Premiere CS6?


Hi there,
So I've found my Premiere CC .KYS file with all my custom keyboard shortcuts in. I'm going to be visiting another editor tomorrow and would like to be able to import my keyboard layout into their machine, but I'm not sure what version of Premiere they'll be using. If it's CS6, will the .KYS file import correctly, or will there be compatibility issues?
I could try re-installing CS6 just to test this out, but it's a bit of a faff, so I'm wondering if anybody has ever tried this previously?


You wont break anything by trying it.  Make sure its named uniquely.
I doubt that any shortcuts of NEW features in CC, not available in CS6... will work if you have them customised.

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Transporting Premiere CC keyboard shortcuts to Premiere CS6?

Hi there, So I've found my Premiere CC .KYS file with all my custom keyboard shortcuts in. I'm going to be visiting another editor tomorrow and would like to be able to import my keyboard layout into their machine, but I'm not sure what version of Pr

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