To save oracle report in a given location


I want report to be save in d:\dbr location in pdf format .
I am running report through form.
below is the code.
pl_name VARCHAR2(30) := 'tempdata';
pl_id ParamList;
varno number;
vacname varchar2(100);
vitemgrp varchar2(5);
vfromdate date;
x VARCHAR2(150);
v_rep VARCHAR2(100);
pl_id := Create_Parameter_List(pl_name);
Add_Parameter(pl_id,'DESTYPE',TEXT_PARAMETER, 'FILE') ;
Add_Parameter(pl_id,'DESFORMAT',TEXT_PARAMETER, 'PDF') ;
Add_Parameter(pl_id,'FROMDATE',TEXT_PARAMETER,VFROMDATE); -- vfromdate retrived from cursor
Add_Parameter(pl_id,'VACNAME',TEXT_PARAMETER,VACNAME); -- vacname retrived from cursor
Add_Parameter(pl_id,'DESNAME',TEXT_PARAMETER, 'D:\dbr\'||vACNAME||' '||:BLOCK50.DOCDATE||'.PDF') ;
set_report_object_property(repid, report_filename,'D:\dbr\'||vACNAME||' '||:BLOCK50.DOCDATE||'.PDF' );
y := LENGTH ('rep_adminserver_inorasrv-pc_asinst_3') + 2;
x := RUN_REPORT_OBJECT (repid, pl_id);
WEB.SHOW_DOCUMENT('http://inorasrv-pc:7001/reports/rwservlet'||SUBSTR(x, y)||'?server=rep_adminserver_inorasrv-pc_asinst_3&userid=scott/[email protected]');
above code gives following error
frm-93652 the runtime process has terminated abnormally.
I don't want report to be run on browser but, to be store in pdf format in a given location.
Forms & report version 11.1.2
Please help..
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I run above url
It shows status of last run jobs.
It is showing red cross in front of last run job.
I click on red cross sign. It show following error message.
The report terminated with error:
REP-110: File AKASH. cannot be opened. REP-1070: An error occurred while opening or saving a document. REP-0110: File AKASH. cannot be opened.
I run below url
It shows following information
Reports Server rep_adminserver_inorasrv-pc_asinst_3 Information
Name rep_adminserver_inorasrv-pc_asinst_3
Security Mode Non-secure
Running Mode In-process
Host inorasrv-PC
Process Id undefined
Start Time Sep 24, 2012 10:12:28 AM
Maximum Queue Size 1000
Other Reports Servers in the Same Cluster
Successful Jobs 704
Current Jobs 0
Future Jobs 0
Transferred Jobs 0
Failed Jobs 296
Response Time(milliseconds) 56855.7
Name Process Id Status Running Job ID Job Running Time (ms) Idle Time (seconds) Jobs Run Life Remaining (jobs) NLS Total Running Time (seconds) Total Idle Time (minutes)
rwEng-0 4500 Ready n/a n/a 300 4 46 AMERICAN_AMERICA.WE8MSWIN1252 5 5
need help..

October 11, 2015

To save oracle report in a given location

Hi, I want report to be save in d:\dbr location in pdf format . I am running report through form. below is the code. declare pl_name VARCHAR2(30) := 'tempdata'; pl_id ParamList; varno number; VENAME VARCHAR2(30); VMONTH NUMBER(2); VYEAR NUMBER(4); va

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