Timing of cache sync initialization


hi all,
i'm running into a timing issue related to
the notification mechanism for cache sync.
background: toplink managed cmp2.0 beans
on wls701 in a 2 node homogeneous cluster.
the problem that we are having is that it
appears that the session announcement is
time dependent. what i mean is that when
i deploy the app to the cluster sometimes
the caches sync and other times not. what
i've discovered is that there is an
announcement delay and if this is exceeded
then the sessions will never discover
one another. could someone please shed
some light on this, i need to have a
sean mcdaniel


hi james,
i believe it is rmi. there is a webgain
subcontext in jndi and i haven't specified
a cache sync manager in the wdi-ejb.xml.
i looked at the code and it appears that
there is a 60sec announcement delay and
after i don't see any discovery polling.
i would have thought that there is an
notification when the 2nd session is
initialized, ie it would signal to the
running session that it is available
for changeset notifications. i will
try restarting 1 of the servers to see
if i can get them to sync. right now
when i restart both servers they don't
sync. i have to redeploy the app to
the cluster so the timing is within
the 60sec threshold inorder to get
the update notification. another
thing inorder to determine that they
are synched i must commit an update
in one server and see the "recieved
updates from remote server". there
isn't a message that the servers
discovered one another.
i'll post results soon.

November 30, -0001

Timing of cache sync initialization

hi all, i'm running into a timing issue related to the notification mechanism for cache sync. background: toplink managed cmp2.0 beans on wls701 in a 2 node homogeneous cluster. the problem that we are having is that it appears that the session annou

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