Text Variable through Customer Exit  using FM MONTH_NAMES_GET


Hi Friends,
I have a query which runs through a variable Key date(ZPDATE). (Key date may also be changed by the user).
I have another customer exit variable(ZVNDATE1) where it reads  from the Keydate variable and it represents one month less than the key date and it holds two dates first day of month and last day of month.
Let say: Key date(ZPDATE) = 12.03.2008
             ZVNDATE1 = 01.02.2008 and 28.02.2008
I have created  RKF Overdues-1 ristricted with ZVNDATE1.
My requirement is I wan to represent this RKF Overdues-1 as Feb 2008 . In order to do that I want to create a Text variable(ZTEXT1) using customer exit .
As I am not very good in ABAP please can anybody provide me the code for text variable:
I am writing in the below.. but I dont know how to represent FM..etc..
        READ TABLE i_t_var_range INTO w_var_range WITH KEY vnam = 'ZVNDATE1'.
        IF SY-SUBRC = 0.
          CLEAR l_s_range.
          l_date = w_var_range-low.
Please can you provide me the remaing code..


Hi Sudhakar,
Instead what you can do is, add few more lines of code instead of calling fm.
case 'month'.
If month = '1'.
  desc = 'jan'.
elseif month = '2'.
  desC = 'feb'.
concatenate desc year into w_v_range-low.
Hope that helps.

November 30, -0001

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Hi Friends, I have a query which runs through a variable Key date(ZPDATE). (Key date may also be changed by the user). I have another customer exit variable(ZVNDATE1) where it reads  from the Keydate variable and it represents one month less than the

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