Taking clips from Source monitor into timeline issues.


I can;t drag slected clip from the source monitor to the timeline..  it allows me to take audio but video won;t travel with it..  even if I just grab the video only icon..  it won't do it...  i am using PP CC


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Taking clips from Source monitor into timeline issues.

I can;t drag slected clip from the source monitor to the timeline..  it allows me to take audio but video won;t travel with it..  even if I just grab the video only icon..  it won't do it...  i am using PP CCYou're welcome. http://blogs.adobe.com/kev

Glitch in Audio when switching from Source Monitor to timeine in PPro

I am running a nMP 3ghz 8-core, 16gb ram, D700's, on osx 10.10. PProCC is 8.2.0 (65) Build. It is the most up to date version on CC. I also have a Focusrite Scarlette 2i2 for my Audio interface. This is where I'm having the issue. When I playback a c

Audio,  Premiere Elements 13 (Trial), Samsung Ultrabook NP730U3E with Windows 8.1 ! The problem: If I transfer a clip  from the monitor window to the timeline the audio disapears

On the moment that I transfer a scene from the monitor window to the timeline, my audio disapears. In the monitor window the sound is playing well. How can I solve this problem ?gertdd Please explain. You cannot move a clip from the Edit area monitor

Insert from source monitor to a different video track

I working in a DVCPro project, and also have AVCHD. Is it possible to insert/overwrite the AVCHD from the source monitor onto Video 2 (or 3 or whatever?). I've tried targeting Video 2, but then it just inserts blankness. thanks kairosmattTargeting tr

CS6/CC - switching between source monitor and timeline disaster

Now what is this? It all works fine until you try DV Output. In DV Output mode every time you switch between source monitor and the timeline it goes to some scary ritual: 1. output disabled on external monitor 2. some crazy flickering happens 3. ok,

Stopping clips from moving along the timeline.....

Hiya Doing quite well with FCE. One thing I haven't worked out is how to 'lock' things in the timeline. eg: if I delete something or change the length then everything else shifts along the timeline. Please help!There are two types of DELETE in FCE/FC

Extract Clips from already burned DVD?

My mom is sending me a DVD that she has just created from a VHS tape. I would love to add some clips from that DVD into the project that I am making now in iMovie. Any idea how I can extract maybe 10-20 second clips at a time from this DVD and bring

Import home movie clips from DVD

Hi all - I've been trying to wrap my non-computer brain around the process of importing a previously burned home movie clip from DVD back into iMovie so I can add to it. (I messed up the first burn, but because of limited space, I deleted the origina

Audio "sub-clips" won't play in source monitor, but will play when cut into a sequence.

I'm cutting an "audio only" project in Premiere and I came across a strange problem while making sub-clips. The first 6 sub clips made from the same master audio clip were normal, but then something changed, and the rest of them won't play any s

Audio from video clips in FCP X not importing into timeline

All my video clips play with sound in preview. Once I select my clip and drag it into the timeline, the audio disappears. It's not muted, In the top right information box, it only says Video/Info. I have instrumental music playing in the background,

Source Monitor Issue

Hello everyone, Since yesterday i am having a problem with the Source Monitor in Premiere Pro CS5.5 (And 6). Whenever i double click the file from my project menu nothing happens with the source monitor, like the file doesn't even open. But when i do

Video Distortion when clip is dropped into timeline

My system: Windows 7 64 bit. Intel Core I5-2500k [email protected] (4 CPUs) Memory: 8 Gigs RAM I am new to using Premiere Elements 10 as this is the first video editing program I have ever worked with however I am very computer literate. Problem: I h

Drag & drop audio clip from timeline to project window ?

i no longer can drag a clip from timeline to the project window & then breakout the clip to mono by selecting clip - audio options- breakout to mono - now when i drop an audio clip from timeline into the project window it does not show up anywhere in

Clips automatically lengthened when dragged into timeline

Hello, I'm new to FCP X, just as I am with video editing so please forgive my noviceness! When I drag clips from the Event Library into the Timeline(?) (The bit at the bottom, where you arrange the clips) they are automatically made longer. For examp

Sending clips straight from premiere cs6 into photoshop cs6?

I was wondering if it's possible to send specific clips in my timeline directly from Premiere CS6 into Photshop so I can do color correction/color grading and then export the clips straight back into Premiere?Here are some examples how to use Photosh

How to open only one clip at a time in the source monitor?

Ok the answer to this question may be simple.. hopefully... At the moment each time I open a clip in the source monitor it adds it to the dropdown list. Fine... but I am opening and closing hundreds of clips in a day and after a while I noticed it se

Source monitor always inserts clips at the start of the sequence, not where the CTI is.

Hi When inserting a clip from the source monitor by using the keyboard shortcut or just simply right clicking the video in the source monitor and then 'insert', the clip does not place where the CTI is in the current sequence, it always places at the

Taking Stills from Timeline

I'm sure I did know this but am having problems a the moment. I would like to take stills from the timeline to include with the video. Can anybody help please?Thank you but I have solved the problem myself. I forgot how to do the freeze frame. You sc

How can I capture film clips from my Canon FS200 camcorder into my computer?

I've captured film clips from my Canon FS200 camcorder before so you can understand how frustrated I now feel not being able to do it today. I have just one 30-second clip on the memory card. It plays on my camcorder but I cannot transfer the clip to

I can not drag clips into timeline with adobe premiere CC

I can not drag clips into timeline with adobe premiere CC, I created a sequence and still does not workSee if this works...  2nd post for picture of NEW ITEM process http://forums.adobe.com/message/3776153Read other 2 answers