Support for Multiple instance of Portal2005Q1 on Weblogic8.1sp4


Has anyone installed multiple instances of Portal server 2005Q1 on a Weblogic container ?
We were unable to set up multiple instances of Portal2004Q2 on the Weblogic container. Looks like this issues is addressed in 2005Q1.
This is posing serious concerns to our architecture scalability. Would greatly appreciate if you could let us know the issues you faced for setting up Portal2005Q1 on Weblogic8.1SP4,if any.


There should not be a significant negative performance impact. The biggest
issue will probably the amount of memory the 10 instances will use, not any
CPU impact. On larger SMP systems, it is not uncommon to run several
instances of WLS in a cluster (perhaps one for every 2 - 4 CPU's) to
improve performance.
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Is there a significant degradation of performance when using multipleinstances
of weblogic on 1 Box. Example what would be the difference between running10
instances each hosting 1 application on 1 box versus 1 instance hostingall the
10 applications. Division into multiple domains is required formaintaining independence
between the administrators of the application.
Further let me add if those applications are mostly IO intensive and alsothe
load on those applications is not more than 1 hit per second would thisstrategy
cause problems.

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Support for Multiple instance of Portal2005Q1 on Weblogic8.1sp4

Has anyone installed multiple instances of Portal server 2005Q1 on a Weblogic container ? We were unable to set up multiple instances of Portal2004Q2 on the Weblogic container. Looks like this issues is addressed in 2005Q1. This is posing serious con

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