Start New Report server


Can any one help me
I need to start another report server to serve new Custom Application in Oracle E business suite server
My Application R12 1.2
Os Linux 5


I need to start another report server to serve new Custom Application in Oracle E business suite server
My Application R12 1.2
Os Linux 5What do you mean by new Reports Server?
Oracle Reports get processed and executed through CMs. If you want to create a new custom CM, please refer to:
How to Create a Custom Concurrent Manager [ID 170524.1]
How to Create and Custom Concurrent Manager [ID 250755.1 ]

November 30, -0001

Start New Report server

Can any one help me I need to start another report server to serve new Custom Application in Oracle E business suite server My Application R12 1.2 Os Linux 5I need to start another report server to serve new Custom Application in Oracle E business su

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Attention Oracle Reports Team or anyone else: I am unable to start the Oracle Reports Server for 10g version of the Application Server. I have included the trace files see below. I marked the text in bold that might indicate the issues. An

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I have installed Weblogic 10.3.2 and Forms and Reports 11.1.0 ontop. I have configured my forms in the same way as 10g iAS, by adding to formsweb.cfg etc etc. The forms are fine. On 10g iAS reports, I used to select the report item from the iAS OEM s

Create a New Report Server in the Middle Tier

Hi Everybody,Please help me for creation of a new report server.The Application server version i have is .How can i configure a report server in windows and linux? Please help me.......... Regards Debashis PattanayakDoc ID: 459177.1Read ot

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When starting report server in Oracle 10g Reports from command prompt with rwserver server='server_name' It is flashing a error "'The procedure entry point psoasyn could not be located in the dynamic link library orapls10.dll" do anyone have sol

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Hi all I have an application implemented using Developer Suit 10 g forms and reports builder. For this application, the first report to be printed after booting the computer takes a long time (around 5 minutes) when printing any more report (even if

Moved report server to new machine with all old settings

Dear all, I am going to moved to new server machine for SSRS and i have 200+ reports ,, i have configure report server in new machine but reports configuration pending i thought i would need help of others to do this because i have a quetion? that Ho

Can't create a new SQL Reporting Server

I am trying to create a new reporting server.  I was able to create one earlier in the day but it was tied to the wrong subscription (not the one my databases were in).   So I tried to create another one attached to the right subscription and I am un

SSRS Report queries begin running slowly, have to stop and start report server to restore performance

We have had a production issue crop up twice now where reports begin running slowly seemingly at random.   When this happens we can see from running SQL Profiler that the report queries are taking an extremely long time to execute.  The same queries

Report server error 11gR2

Hello, Im have problems to start my report server which installed in windos 2008 R1. After installation works fine. Heres the log file of the console log of my report server 12/04/18 17:54:18 Start process OpmnIntegrator: Register Ping callback. Apr

Error While Running Oracle Reports Server(9iAS) on Red Hat Linux6.2

I have installed Oracle9iAS on Redhat Linux6.2 I have successfully started the Reports Server. While running any rdf files I m getting the error message "rwrun60: error in loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such

Report Server service Error.

Hi, I am trying to configure Reports server non Cartridge but I am gettion following error message in reports server log file. *** 2000-01-25 22:16:02 -- Daemon failed to listen to port. i gave port number as 1951. If I try to start service in the wi

Oracle Report Server Not Accessible

Hi Folks, I'm facing a series of issues with Oracle reports server 11g. I'l list the issues one by one. 1. I'm not able to start the weblogic server from the domain which i've created for Reports. It gives me authentication error. I've tried clearing

Create and configure reports server in Oracle 9iAS on solaris 10

Hi All, I have installed Oracle 9iAS on Solaris 10. I want to create and configure a new reports server. Please help as I can't see anything on metalink. Thanks/Regards DirishIn fact when installing 9iAS, the default report server

REP-0178 Cannot connect report server 'rep_ams'

We are using ORACLE IAS, while trying to stop the report server it is giving error REP-0178 cannot connect to Report Server 'rep_ams'. Anyone can help us to find what is the error and how it get cleared ? Thanks VijayVijay, Please be more specific: *

Can't get started with Reports

How do I run 9iAS Reports (Sun Solaris 8)? I am thoroughly lost and confused. I've installed 9iDS and am able to start up the jdeveloper. How do I get going with Reports? Do I need 9i Database to be installed? Can I use 8i Database? I have

Run Report  Server  in Oracle9iDS

Hello! I use Oracle9iDS ( from9i & report9i) I can open report direct from browser by writing URL http://test:8888/reports/rwservlet?report=test.rep&userid=test/[email protected]&destype=cache&desformat=html&server=repserver and it Runs the Sm

Report Server in 9iDS

Hi, I read the document but it didn't solve my problem. I would run a report from a form, using run_report_object in a test environmental. If I do

Problems starting Crystal Reports Page Server and Report Application Server

Hi, We have migrated to a new server and I have re-installed our Crystal Reports Server XI R1. It is being installed on a Windows 2003 SBS Premium Server with MSSQL 2005 Workstation Edition I have been told that I need to start the following Crystal

Report Server is not startting

I have installed Oracle 9iAS release 2 on Linux Advanced Server release 2.1AS/i686. Both Infrastructure and mid tier servers are on the same machine. When I see the services through OEM, All services except discoverer, reports and wireless are up. I