SSM - although scheduled data from BW 7.0 is not imported to SSM


We have completed all the steps to connect SSM and BI withouıt any problem however we face a problem about scheduling data import.
We can import data by triggering the import data step manually using the SSM BI Connector user interface.
We can also schedule the data import process however the jobs we cheduled do not work and do not import any data.
Our SSM version is 7.5 on SAP Netweaver CE 7.1 sp6 , BW version is 7.01
I would be glad if you share your comments and recommendations about our problem
Thanks in advance


Dear Bob,
Thanx for the answer.
We have checked the log file BICTRACE_SCHEDUPD_<pas/BW model name> under Server:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\Strategy Management\ApplicationServer\home.
The log was showing the date 29.08.2011 when the schedular worked ones. After that day, although no error reported, the schedular did not worked at all.
We checked NetWeaver Schedule Administrator in CE as well. At "Tasks" section we can see our job named <Deneme_xxx> triggered via /strategy/bi "schedule jobs" with status "active". But when we switch to the "Jobs" segment, we recognize the job is not listed here even after the scheduled time has passed. So, it is not triggered at all, and trace file does not renewed.
Your comments would be very appreciated,
Best regards,
Kadriye & Yusuf.

November 30, -0001

SSM - although scheduled data from BW 7.0 is not imported to SSM

Hello; We have completed all the steps to connect SSM and BI withouıt any problem however we face a problem about scheduling data import. We can import data by triggering the import data step manually using the SSM BI Connector user interface. We can

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