Spanned Clips reordering issue


We have a problem with spanned clips reordering themselves in Premiere CC. It only happens when reading the clips of our External Network Drive (Synology Diskstation DS1812+) and not when reading them from the local drive. Is this a problem you're familiar with? Does anyone know a work around/solution?


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Spanned Clips reordering issue

We have a problem with spanned clips reordering themselves in Premiere CC. It only happens when reading the clips of our External Network Drive (Synology Diskstation DS1812+) and not when reading them from the local drive. Is this a problem you're fa

Spanned clips from my p2 card won't import fcp6

hey shane i am in fcp6 and having the spanned clip issue. i have a spanned clip that won't import into fcp6. i used p2cms to offload so i do not have the lastfile.txt but could you walk me thru how to import these 4 or 5 spanned clips?As long as you

Import (XF-300) MXF spanned clips in 5.5 - how?

Adobe claims: "Enhanced Canon XF native support Preview Canon XF footage  in the Media Browser panel and utilize camera metadata throughout your  preproduction and post-production workflows. Spanned clips are displayed  as a single asset in the Media

AVCHD Video Clips Occasional Issue

Every once in a while an AVCHD clip on the timeline will all of a sudden get infected and become jumpy. I don't know when this started, but it happens almost every project now at some point. The clips will be fine and then all of a sudden, a clip tha

Spanned Clip will not log and transfer

The editor: Mac Pro 10.4.11 FCP 6.0.2. Quicktime Version 7.4.1 (14) 30 minutes of video shot to a P2 card on an HVX200 is unable to log and transfer. Plays fine in the browser and on camera. Workflow tried: Write protect P2 and connect HVX200 to Mac

Joining spanned clips that are not avchd

I have a storage device that is fat32 and stores Video clips in 10min intervals. Is there a way to put the individual clips back together without placing them all on the timeline and rendering them out? They are stored as .dv clips if that helps. Tha

Audio clip length issue in iMovie 09

I made a very short (1:39) video with a sound file from my iTunes library. The length of this audio file is exactly 1:39. The video was originally made on my MacBook Pro; I then copied the event folder as well as the Project file to the respective fo

Clipping path issue - CS6

Hi This is probably a simple fix but is driving me crazy! I have started a clipping path and since saving the image and opening it now, if I start adding to the path and then select the path and inverse the image - I lose the the part of the image th

Cat 3750-Span (Port Mirroring issue)

Hello team I am facing port mirroring issue in my setup. Details of the setup are mentioned below Setup-- Stack of 4 catalyst switches WS-C3750X-48P running software 15.0(1) SE3 .Approximately 12 vlans are configured in this setup and port mirroring

Create clip spanning metadata for NanoFlash media?

The Convergent Design NanoFlash device records great looking 4:2:2 .MXF files to FAT32 CF cards without any associated metadata for linking spanned clips (cut at the 4Mb limit) into a single clip on import. Is there any sort of .xml (or other) that c

Premier Pro Audio Sync Issues XDCAM EX1

Running Windows 7 Professional with Premiere Pro CS 5.5. Having issues with an 18 minute XDCAM EX1 clip. The audio is out of sync and sometimes doesn't play. When I drop the clip on the timeline, the audio wave file indicates that the audio is 1/2 th

Audio stereo signal split into 3 or 4 stereo audio signals (in one single clip)?

Hi, facing massice transcoding issues when exporting a project I had to analyse the involved video/audioclips... and found out that for some of the video clips the audio signals have been split into even 3 or 4 complementary stereo channels. Note: Ea

Only half of the video clips have sound after import to Premiere Pro

Hi! When I import my .MTS fukes into Premiere Pro 2014 longer clips loose sound after half the clip. The clips themselves have sound because they are with sound when I watch them using VLC. How can this sound issue be solved?Thanks for the screenshot

AME Bug: Creates new CFA file for each clip queued!

Here is my workflow:  I have a 60 minute sequence of a dance performance of about 20 dances.  I queued in AME 20 exports to H.264 files by moving the workspace to the segment I want to export, adding it to the queue with a file name, and repeating fo

Preserving clip markers between machines

I work on a project on both a a laptop and desktop, and keep the project file synced with Dropbox. They each have their own copies of the source footage. I create markers on one machine; how do I get them to show up when I open the project on the oth

More Audio issues...

Along with the sounds / tones truncating / cutting off, I was listening to some mp3's today and the sound was constantly cutting in and out of stereo mode.  Left ear worked most of the time, right ear worked maybe 1/4th of the time.  Whatever happene

Audio Issues Upon Importing - the more I have, the slower they play

I have searched in vain for an answer to this problem. I have a 15" Powerbook Aluminum, 1.5 Ghz G4 w/ 1.25G RAM and 10 GB available on the harddrive. I am working with iMovie 6 with all my movie files on a LaCie external drive connected using a FW800

Clip wont let me cross dissolve!

Hi, I am experiencing some frustration where I have one section that I am trying to cross dissolve, and no matter what I do, it inserts a very short cross dissolve effect on the following clip, rather than between the current and following... I can't

Renaming AVCHD .mts files

We are moving towards editing our AVCHD media natively now that Media Cache Files can be shared between multiple editing systems (this means we don't have to re-cache media when working from different workstations). I've been testing the setup (Sourc

Sony VG-10 - Premiere CS6 does NOT seem to like it

Been working with CS6 for a while now and footage from both a Sony NX5U and an AX2000. Absolutely NO issues whatsoever. But I recently got a VG-10 as I had been doing some stuff with my Canon 7D and LOVE the DLSR look. The VG10 footage is gorgeous bu