Sound blaster 5.1 Live! 16bit Windows vi


Where do i find sound blaster 5. Li've! 6bit drivers for windows vista? i installed its driver from cd but that is only for win XP and i only hear the front speaker left and right ... what should i do ?Message Edited by quard on 02--20072:9 PM


I don?t know if work in Vista but in operating system say Vista, you can try.
Sorry for my english.
NGOHQ Creative Modded Driver:
Size: 23.4MB
Hits: 5947
Author: Creative & Regeneration
Description: Modded Driver for SB Li've! & Audigy I
Operation System: Windows XP/2000/2003/Vista
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November 30, -0001

I need a driver for sound blaster 5.1 VX for windows 7

Hi , i installed the vista driver in compatibility mode ?for my sound blaster 5. VX in windows 7 but i got a blue screen and in device manager there's a yellow exclamation mark in " multimdedia audio "?stating that no driver is installed . Pleas

Sound blaster 5.1 Live! 16bit Windows vi

Where do i find sound blaster 5. Li've! 6bit drivers for windows vista? i installed its driver from cd but that is only for win XP and i only hear the front speaker left and right ... what should i do ?Message Edited by quard on 02--20072:9 PMI don?t

Sound blaster for windows

I am trying to install sound blaster (CT480 card) into a windows 98 machine. It is giving me an error message of (DevCon DLL not in correct folder). Can anyone help with this error message or direct me to a better driver download... or a patch. Thank


yes i installed the Sound Blaster 5. digital LIVE! into my system and i got a new updated installation cd from creative and everything .. now heres the problem everytime i try to do an upgrade or download stuff from creative i always get an error mes

Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 model SB0100 drivers for Windows 7 64 bits

Hello! I have a Sound Blaster Li've! 5. model SB000 with a Cambridge SoundWorks DTT3500. I haven't found any driver for my sound card that works with Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits. Is there any compatible driver for my sound card and for Windows 7 64 bi

Sound card driver on windows 7 with Sound Blaster Live - model ct4870

Hi guy,? I search all day just to find the driver for my PC on windows 7. My PC has model is Creative CT4870 and the sound card is?<span class="Apple-style-span">Sound Blaster Li've - model ct4870.Help me to find its driver. Thank before !

Sound Blaster Live CT4620 and Windows XP can it work and h

Hello, I have an old Sound Blaster Li've Model CT4620 that I installed on my old PC (windows 95) and loved quite a while back, I have since upgraded my Pc to a newer model that has Windows XP Pro and was hoping to install my old much loved Sound Blas

Sound Blaster Live Code Key Model CT4

Have lost my code key for my Sound Blaster Li've. Would be helpful if someone else has the key if they could share it with me.Originally Posted by dogweed I lost my install disk for my sound blaster live 5.1 model SBO 100 for windows 98se. I cant see

KM2M Combo and Sound Blaster Live...

I just installed the KM2M combo after my Asus A7V 133 died on me. All the components in the system are the same, yet the sound is horrible.  I don't know if it's the sound card or the motherboard, which I suspect simply because it's the most obvious

Sound Blaster Live 5.1 - SF1 damaged.

houk Yesterday I've found on my SBLi've5. that subassembly signed as SF (near MID/Gameport) is corrupted (looks like burned out).. Is this little one correspond with using an eventual midi keyboard od game controller? What kind of component is that?

Windows 8.1 & Sound Blaster Z First Boot Issue

I'm having a very strange issue with my Sound Blaster Z. I'm not sure if it's a hardware issue, a driver issue, a Windows 8.1 issue, or a motherboard issue. When i boot the machine, the sound card does not get initialized. I get no sound and dolby di

Subwoofer volume disabled in speaker settings (Sound Blaster Liv

Hello, I have the Sound Blaster Li've! card (CT4780) and Cambridge Soundworks FPS2000 speakers (4. system) on Windows XP Pro SP2. I've installed the latest drivers from Creative Labs. My problem: very little bass output from my subwoofer, even when I

Problems with Windows x64 and Sound blaster l

Hey, I have this issue with my sound blaster li've. I've just recently installed Windows x64 and now I'm having issues with my sound. It creates this weird echo sound with a small static sound everytime a game. Prior to loading any applications, the

Sbl-soundfonts: soundfont midi lib for sound blaster live

Something I needed for midi tests of my sound blaster live card. The first soundfont file was suggested as the best general soundfont library available for free (8MB). The second is from my sb live install cd (4MB). If you only want the first one rem

Definitive Vista Driver for Sound Blaster Live!

Is there a "definitive" 3rd party driver solution for the Soun Blaster Live! 5. (including Dell Digital version) that enables all features including the digital out If no one agrees on a single solution can we get a list of options here. Here is


I have a CREATIVE SOUND BLASTER LIVE 5, I want to know if some?software of Creative labs?exists to distort the voice in real time.Pablo Castillo R. Edited by pcr_sof on 06-08-200709:48 PM Message Edited by pcr_sof on 06-2-

Drivers for Sound Blaster Live

I am getting an older computer together for my grandmother and upgraded it to Windows 2000 from 98. The original drivers do not work with 2000 so I have tried to find the current drivers. I have tried different PCI slots, downloaded the drivers from

Sound Blaster Live

I bought the card about 6 mnths ago and i installed it everything working fine and my computer was becoming very slow so i used the compaq recovery tools cd and cleaned out my machine now i went and reinstalled the drivers and it is saying that it do

Sound Blaster Live Drive Won't reco

I installed a SB Li've dri've in my uncle's computer and I can't get it to record through the mic2/Line-in2 input. I have done everything I know to fix the problem (uninstall - re-install the drivers and software, removed and re-installed the hardwar

Start SOUND BLASTER LIVE recording from the command li

Hi everybody! I have a Sound Blaster Li've card and have installed Creative Wave Studio ver 4.06 I leave the computer turned on all night long. What I would like to do is find a way that the Sound Blaster Li've card could start and a way to stop reco