Solution: Parallels 5 upgrade causes BSOD


I just paid the $50 for the upgrade to Parallels v5 (the Digital River online payment/download system worked fine), which went smoothly as far as the Parallels program itself (it removes the earlier version during the upgrade), but when I ran a Windows VM I ran into the dreaded BSOD. Parallels support is posting these instructions
Please do the following:
1. Shut down your virtual machine if it is started now.
2. Set virtual machine CPU number to 1 in VM configuration. To do this, open Virtual Machine menu->Configure... and set "1" in "Processors" drop-down.
3. Start the virtual machine. This time it will boot normally.
4. Login and wait until Parallels Tools are installed.
5. After Parallels Tools are installed, it is safe to return the previous CPU amount.
This did work for me.
Note: Since I exclude my Parallels VM's from Time Machine, I backed them up before doing the Parallels Tools update to the VM's (just in case ).
Note 2: One person has reported that they had trouble when changing back to 2 CPU's, but my installation worked fine. I think it works great but YMMV.


Good one, I upgraded yesterday and XP wouldn't boot, Windows 7 and Ubuntu fine,..
But I do most of my Windows work under XP, I can confirm that setting the number of CPU's to 1 starting XP allowing the Parallels tools to install shutting down setting the CPU count back to 2 works, well worked for me.
MacPro, Snow Leopard.

November 30, -0001

Solution: Parallels 5 upgrade causes BSOD

I just paid the $50 for the upgrade to Parallels v5 (the Digital River online payment/download system worked fine), which went smoothly as far as the Parallels program itself (it removes the earlier version during the upgrade), but when I ran a Windo

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