Simple Import Static Question


Just wondering is it possible in regards to "import static" to statically import a static class or does it only allow one to import static functions and variables within a class?


Thanks for your reply. I actually do understand that using "static import" will import static methods and variables. My Question is
can one import static classes themselves because I have read conflicting reports:
(1) Report 1: can statically import classes, methods and variables.
(2) Report 2: can statically import methods and variables.
public class staticImport
     static class staticImportExample
             static int i = 12;
}Can I statically import the above class as for example "*"? Will this import the static class "staticImportExample". I'm asking because I'm trying to figure out whether static classes can be imported.

November 30, -0001

Simple Import Static Question

Hi, Just wondering is it possible in regards to "import static" to statically import a static class or does it only allow one to import static functions and variables within a class? Cheers.Hi, Thanks for your reply. I actually do understand tha

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