Siebel Instance Strategy – Single Instance or Multiple Instances – Advantag


We are looking for any white papers on Siebel Instance Strategies. We currently have 5 Siebel individual instances deployed over last 10 years for different business.
Is it a good idea to merge all these instances into one?
May be merge to say 3 instances depending on the objects we are using?
What are the challenges, organization structure, field extensions, column extensions, workflows, what should be looking at?
To answer these questions are there any white papers? Any documentation on how to merge two or more production instances?
Any input / pointers would be appreciated.


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how do I find out if my db is running a single instance or multiple instance. I got oracle9i. thanks in advance.Db, on one single machine doesn't run with multiple instances. On a machine,there would be a single instance that would be running. What's important to know that whether its possible for your db to run multiple instances for it or not? For this, you can check the value of the parameter cluster_database is true or not? If its true, your db is RAC eabled and can use multiple instances. If false, you would have a 1:1 mapping of database and instance.

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Siebel Instance Strategy – Single Instance or Multiple Instances – Advantag

Folks, We are looking for any white papers on Siebel Instance Strategies. We currently have 5 Siebel individual instances deployed over last 10 years for different business. Is it a good idea to merge all these instances into one? May be merge to say

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