Sequence Setting for DVCPro HD?


If I shot footage with the DVX900 DVCPro HD camera at 720p/60 should my Sequence Settings Editing Timebase be 59.94 or 60?


59.94, Use the easy setup for DVCProHD 720p60 and everything will be right.

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Sequence Setting for DVCPro HD?

If I shot footage with the DVX900 DVCPro HD camera at 720p/60 should my Sequence Settings Editing Timebase be 59.94 or 60?59.94, Use the easy setup for DVCProHD 720p60 and everything will be right.Read other 3 answers

Problem: Sequence setting for adobe premiere pro CS 5.5

I'm using Adobe Pr to edit my video. When I import the video (details as below) to pr, it does not have any image (got sound only) I'm very confuse about the sequence setting. I'm still new in using adobe software. Which sequence should be suitable f

Best sequence setting for use with images?

Hey all. I'll be working on a project that will be dealing with mostly images. I have them in their original RAW format as well as jpgs. After messing around in Final Cut with the images, I've noticed that the Viewer will display the image crisp and

FCP: What is the best quality sequence setting for HD Video with JPEGs?

Hello, If I am editing digital still images that are 3696x2464, in order to make them into a HD video in FCP what is the best sequence setting? There are so many HDV settings and I still don't understand the aspect ratio options... please advise!Hell

Sequence setting for HD Aniamtion?

Hi, What is the best setting for HD animation? The image files were captured on I stop motion and are of hi rez quality. Thanks, DIf you are going to digibeta, then choose a Standard Def codec, like 10-bit uncompressed, 8-bit uncompressed or DV50...d

What are the best sequence settings for anamorphic?

sorry for the long explanation.... i have a project that was shot 16:9. my question is what is the best sequence setting to use so that when i export it to tape it will look right on a regular TV? on the FCP viewer it looks right with either setting.

How does one manage these new render setting for previews?

I placed 4 HD clips from a nested into a sequence 5800 x 768 to mimic 4 side by side monitors for a multi channel video.  Each clip cut from the sequence are at 1280x720 all sitting side by side. However when I rendered the previews, they came look a

What is the best setting for export movie in widescreen format?

Please tell me what is the best setting for exporting movie in Widescreen format?Like in After effect we use "NTSC D1 Widescreen Square Pixel"., Carefully examine the codec and pixel dimensions of that output file. That's certainly easy for an e

FCP 6 setting for Panasonic HDC-SD9..Confusing

Hi, 1) Do the setting in Sequence Setting affected the Quality or Format of the Result when exporting the clip? 2) How s'ld i set in FCP for clips recorded from Panasonic HDC-SD9? 3) "Set the same setting and format to match the clip" is the Bes


Is there any way to get 24-bit audio in a sequence or project setting?  We see no option to create a 24-bit project or 24-bit sequence in Premiere Pro CC. We recently made the jump over from FCP 7 to Premiere Pro CC and we are hoping this is an 'audi

How to execute a same sequence number for the resulting dynamic rows

Hi friends, I have a sequence and trigger(which will fire id for each and every row insert). My scenario is, If i update more than 5 rows at a time means, i need to set a same sequence number example(1) for all the 5 rows. Next time, if i update anot

Generating a sequence diagram for an ADF/BC project

hi folks, is there an automatic way to produce a sequence diagram? Read something about debug mode but its not working that way. Any help apreciatedHi John, thanks for the info but the documentation says somewhat about break points, but where to set

Best sequence settings for editing HD video material from Nikon D3S

Hello there, My quesstion is, what are the best settings in FCP for editing material from the Nikon D3S? At this point I had a sequence (automatically generated from FCP) with settings Frame Size: 1440X1080 Aspect Ratio (1440X1080) (16:9) Pixel Aspec

Best Capture Setting for MiniDV

Does anyone have any suggestions on the best capture setting in FCP 6 for MiniDV tape (NTSC not PAL). Can I capture it with the Pro Res setting or should I capture it in another setting and then edit with the sequence setting set to Pro Res?Capture a

Correct sequence settings for Sony HandyCam?

I have a Sony HandyCam DCR-SR200 and when i drag the video over in premiere to add it to the edited video it tells me to check my sequence setting meaning i set it up wrong for that type of video? i just used standard settings. But, if i click change

FCP 7 crashes when choosing "yes" to changing of sequence settings for Flip

I've been doing quite a bit of work with the Flip HD video camera recently. I grew tired of rendering everything, so decided it was time to finally upgrade from FCP 5 to FCP 7. However, FCP 7 crashes every time I try to lay down video files from the

ACVHD Sequence Setting in CS5.5

I am still far from a pro but I did not want to make a mistake at the start of a new project. A couple of questions Thanks in advance. I used a Sony HDR-CX190 to shoot some footage I also used Canon S100 Still camera to shoot in HD in both cases it w

Info reocrd set for deletion in error, how to reverse this?

Hi all - There was a info record set for deletion in error usin WSE1 and must be reversed.  Can you guide me in the steps to get this done? Thank youPaul, ME12.  Enter purch org and info record number.  Once you have the info record on the screen in

Setting for iphoto

Ok, I got my high def camera and finally got that going into I Movie just fine. Just had to restart the stupid computer and reimport again. I see there are a lot of drop down choices in Imovie to pick from such as HD, Dv, widescreen etc. I also have

Smart Group option "not set" for state results in many records that have a state

Smart group option "not set" for State results in many records with states and records without states.Do you have more than one type of Contacts (iCloud and On My Mac, for instance)? I've seen where some smart groups don't work correctly if you