Select last 50 records closed


Looking for a simple sql select statement that will select the last 50 records closed in the database.
I found a few helps out there that have an example like:
SELECT RecordID, closed_date
FROM ( SELECT RecordID, closed_date, RANK() OVER (ORDER BY closed_Date DESC) date_rank
FROM table1 )
WHERE date_rank <= 50;
Only problem is, this is selecting something like 4000 records and many of them are not even closed.


I believe you should retrieve the records that are only closed first.
Try this,
SELECT RecordID, closed_date
               ROW_NUMBER () OVER (ORDER BY closed_Date DESC) rn
          FROM table1
         WHERE closed_date < SYSDATE)  --Notice this.
WHERE rn <= 50;G.

November 30, -0001

Select last 50 records closed

Looking for a simple sql select statement that will select the last 50 records closed in the database. I found a few helps out there that have an example like: SELECT RecordID, closed_date FROM ( SELECT RecordID, closed_date, RANK() OVER (ORDER BY cl

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