Sealed and unsealed management pack in scom ?


Dear all ,
What is Difference between sealed and unsealed management pack in scom?
I know like override alert can not be saved in sealed MP , is there any thing else ?


A sealed management pack is a binary file that cannot be edited. An unsealed management pack is an XML file that can be edited. Sealed management packs should have an .mp extension, while unsealed management packs should have an .xml extension.
In general, management packs obtained from an application or hardware device vendor are sealed.
Although you cannot change the settings in a sealed management pack, you can still customize the applied settings of a management pack after it is imported by using overrides or by creating additional settings such as rules, monitors, and tasks that supersede
the management pack's default settings. All customizations that you create are saved to a separate management pack file.
Management packs can only reference another management pack if the management pack that is referenced is sealed
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Sealed and unsealed management pack in scom ?

Dear all , What is Difference between sealed and unsealed management pack in scom? I know like override alert can not be saved in sealed MP , is there any thing else ? Sengo.Hi, A sealed management pack is a binary file that cannot be edited. An unse

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