Scheduling webi reports via Java SDK in BI 4.1


Has anyone been able to schedule a Webi report containing date prompts via Java SDK in BI 4.1? I have tried doing so but it doesn't work when date prompts are involved, I get the exception raised: java.lang.NullPointerException error. Though the scheduled instance is created and the date prompt appears to be correctly populated the report fails with the above mentioned error message. The code is working for other text prompts but fails when I have a date prompt in the report. I am using the populateWebiPrompts() method to populate the prompts.


Hi Christopher,
Try adding the following line in your code before scheduling:
Also as an FYI, please refer below details.
For scheduling webi reports with prompts, the only supported way is to use Restful webservices SDKs.
The feature of scheduling a webi report with prompts were deprected from release BI 4.x and introduced in the new restfull webservices. Restful is the future which SAP is focussing and would be great to have your application on supported terms with SAP.
You can get details about the restful webservices from the documents and blogs available at below forum

October 11, 2015

Scheduling webi reports via Java SDK in BI 4.1

Hi, Has anyone been able to schedule a Webi report containing date prompts via Java SDK in BI 4.1? I have tried doing so but it doesn't work when date prompts are involved, I get the exception raised: java.lang.NullPointerException error. Though the

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