Save for web doesn't match artboard


I have been using the artboard tool to try and save icons individually from a document with several dozen icons on the work space.  I click the artboard tool, drag a box around the icon and then do "save for web".  The resulting image I see in the save for web screen is slightly cropped and does not match the area that I selected with the artboard tool.
Am I doing something wrong?
I am running Illustrator CS4 on a Dell PC (64 bit) with Windows 7 Professional.
Any help would be greatly apprecaited.


You don't use pixel preview and possibly also do not work at 72dpi, do you? That's why your crop lands on sub-pixel values and is quantised to the next whole pixel, changing the effective output dimensions. Aside from that, why bother with artboards? You could just use the slice tool and save it all in one go...

October 11, 2015

Save for web doesn't match artboard

I have been using the artboard tool to try and save icons individually from a document with several dozen icons on the work space.  I click the artboard tool, drag a box around the icon and then do "save for web".  The resulting image I see in t

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