Sales order to be blocked based on customer payment terms and credit limit


Hello Gurus,
We have some requirement of credit management  : Client  want sales order to blocked based on payment terms  if customer doesn't pay  previous dues as per the payment terms mentioned customer master ,sales order ,  irrespective of customer credit limit credit
(i.e Even in the case of credit limit is not exceded for that praticular customer)
Looking for your inputs
Thanks inadvance


Dear Venkata Chalapathi,
Following is the logic for your requirement.
If the check is on the basis of payment terms of pending billing documents alone, then
check DYNAMIC with Reaction C/D and Status 'checked'
Then maintain the same settings against OLDEST OPEN ITEM with Days oldestItem = 0
Now, make a sales order and system will trigger the credit check message (assuming there are uncleared documents )
Ask your abaper to find an Exit/Enhancement in this message spot and you can write a logic to check the
billing documents in BSEG by fetching the document types with 'RV' (assuming we are considering only the billing documents)
and in the VBRK get the billing date and we can get the payment term in vbrk-zterm and its corresponding date in T052-ZTAG1
If the billing date + T052-ZTAG1 value is greater than SYSTEM date , then you have to trigger the credit check message in the sales order. Else allow the sales order.
Check and revert back if there is any doubt/additional requirements.
Thanks  & Regards,
Hegal K Charles

October 11, 2015

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Hello Gurus, We have some requirement of credit management  : Client  want sales order to blocked based on payment terms  if customer doesn't pay  previous dues as per the payment terms mentioned customer master ,sales order ,  irrespective of custom

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