Runtime.exec()  in Java not working in Oracle 10 Application Server


Hi ,
I am trying to call a .exe file which is in the Web Application folder .
I am Using Process p = Runtime.exec("path to .exe file ")
This code is working fine when used with JBOSS , but not working with Oracle Application server .
Please tell me whether i need to do any chnages to make it work
Thanks in advance .


I ran a quick test with your code, I just had to make some small changes, and things work for me...
I'm testing with JDeveloper 10g ...
The only thing I wonder is DBUser DBPass DBHost, those are not the actual values, correct?, neither they are environment variables?...
In the server hosting your OAS, you should try running the whole CMD line from the start/run dialog ... make sure it works in that server ...
Here is the code used in my test:
  <%@ page import="runexepkg.*" %>
  String msg = "";
  RunEXE p = new RunEXE();
  msg = p.main1();
  catch(Throwable t)
     System.out.println("Exception Raised");
  <%= msg %>In Java Class:
package runexepkg;
import java.sql.*;
public class RunEXE
    String ss="";
    public String main1()
        Runtime rt=Runtime.getRuntime();
        Process p = rt.exec("CMD /C start C:\\oraappserver\\j2ee\\WebGis\\applications\\PowerGis\\web\\WEB-INF\\classes\\GisProject\\cust_data_1.exe DBUser DBPass DBHost");
        System.out.println("Command has been executed");
        Connection con = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:oracle:thin:@DBHost:DBPort:orcl","DBUser","DBPass");
        System.out.println("Test Connection ========== "+con);
        Statement st = con.createStatement();
        ResultSet rs = st.executeQuery("SELECT SYSDATE FROM DUAL");
            ss="Command has been executed - Database has been accessed";
            ss="Command has been executed - Database was not accessed";
    catch(Throwable t)
        System.out.println("Exception raised, command has NOT been executed");
        ss="Exception raised, command has NOT been executed";
    return ss;
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Runtime.exec()  in Java not working in Oracle 10 Application Server

Hi , I am trying to call a .exe file which is in the Web Application folder . I am Using Process p = Runtime.exec("path to .exe file ") This code is working fine when used with JBOSS , but not working with Oracle Application server . Please tell

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