Run XML Publisher Report  via URL (like Oracle Reports)


Hi All,
Is it possible to run xml-publisher report via URL?
In Oracle Reports works this fine:
http://test:7777/reports/rwservlet?server=test_bihome1&report=test1.rdf&userid=test/[email protected]&desformat=pdf&destype=cache
We need this for public reports without user login.


I was waiting to get home before Tim replied... He got the better of me this time :-)
You say you want to let your users run reports using XMLP just by clicking on an URL same way you do with reports and without having to login. If I got the question right and assuming that:
1.Your company is not overly concerned on who runs what reports
2.Who sees what data
3.Your XMLP installation is on your intranet and firewalled from the outside
What you can do is:
On the main page of your XMLP Enterprise installation you should see a folder called "Guest". Any report you create under this folder is run as user "guest" which means you don't have to authenticate yourself as you would normally do.
I have tested this on my home server and this is what I've done:
1.Logged in as admin or any other user you've created with admin privileges created a report under the "Guest" folder.
2.Copied the URL, on my server it is ""
4.Logged off as admin and pasted the URL to a new browser window
5.Hit return and Voila, my report runs without the need to login to XMLP.
Hope this helps. Let us know how you got on.
PS: If you want to see the report for yourself here's the URL from the outside:
I'll keep the link alive for a couple of days.

October 11, 2015

Run XML Publisher Report  via URL (like Oracle Reports)

Hi All, Is it possible to run xml-publisher report via URL? In Oracle Reports works this fine: http://test:7777/reports/rwservlet?server=test_bihome1&report=test1.rdf&userid=test/[email protected]&desformat=pdf&destype=cache We need this for public

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