Rights of Jingles & Samples - youtube blocked me...


Hello outhere!
some days ago i got a very bad surprise! I did a trailer and took some free logic jingles for givin' good moods. Not even one minute after uploading youtube told me to remove it, because i might hurt someones rights, exactly:
Dein Video enthält möglicherweise Musik, die einem Dritten gehört.
Your Video might contain music, wich is owned by someone else...
The owner, and the Song:
"Natural Living-Sunrise in Desert", tonaufnahme Verwaltet von:
Kontor New Media Einspruch abgelehnt, Anspruch wurde reaktiviert.
 My Trailer:
Of course it sounds similar, but am I right now? Did  "kontor new Media" took the jingels and branded his own Copyright at it?
So i had to explain myself. I denied it and wrote where i got this Music from. Now i have to wait until 22.2.13 than there will be a decission. Hope they won't block me..
I Hope there will be a possibility to find out who's the thief...  :-)


All AppleLoops are royality free, but they're are copyrighted! This means, you're not allowed to use a single loop and declare that as your own work. You have to combine them with other loops or own playing/recording. The reason for this is, that you may not re-distribute the loops. Taking one loop and put this on sale is some kind of re-distribution. I think, there's a EULA for the supplied content, that explains the same using several pages.
Anyway, a re-distribution doesn't seem to be the case with the recording from Kontor Media and your recording. But the flute solo is very prominent in both cases and that's why it's got catched automatically by the youtube upload QA. They have some shazam-type testing, which seems to work even on detuned material.
Actually, you need to resolve the dispute with youtube or Kontor Media. You need to explain, that you used a loop from a factory content, but transposed to another key to make it fit.
Hope this helps,

November 30, -0001

Rights of Jingles & Samples - youtube blocked me...

Hello outhere! some days ago i got a very bad surprise! I did a trailer and took some free logic jingles for givin' good moods. Not even one minute after uploading youtube told me to remove it, because i might hurt someones rights, exactly: Dein Vide

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