Requirement with Oracle report builder


Hi All,,
I had a requirement like this...i am very new to Oracle report builder tool and Oracle APPS
i need to develop a sample report in this format.......please help me
which tables i need to use??
i know how to create user parameters,field columns...etc i have 50% knowledge on Oracle report builder


You can make start with
Oracle Reports Tutorial...
Here few link...
1. Tutorial 1
2. Basic--[2] Oracle Reports 10g Tutorials
3. About Oracle Report 10g: Triggers in Report Data Source and Report Style
Hope this helps

November 30, -0001

Requirement with Oracle report builder

Hi All,, I had a requirement like this...i am very new to Oracle report builder tool and Oracle APPS i need to develop a sample report in this format.......please help me which tables i need to use?? i know how to create user parameters,field columns

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