Regarding function module


hi all, could u pls help me on my thread.
in my program
data:p_molga type molga.
select-options:s_molga for p_molga.
in function module source code
  from ztp_idoc_xref
  into table idoc_table
  where molga eq r_molga.
and in exporting iam exporting the data.
in the tables  R_MOLGA     TYPE     ZTP_MOLGA_RANGE it is table type.
line type :inv_ranges     .
in program
what is the parameter should i give for  tables parameter.
and how can i restrict the molga values.
thank u in advance.


CHANGING idoc_table.  You will have to pass your idoc_table structure to the FM.  You should not restrict on molga, but you can only do this by hard coding it:
if r_molga eq '07'.
  run FM.
  do nothing

November 30, -0001

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