Receiver Type Function Module in SWE2 use of export parameter.


i am trying to understand the underlying concept in following things:(neednot to say i have searched alot and read sap documentation already).
In event type linkage table say i have an entry for BOR -> AFVC_PM.
As per sap Documentation says all these FM will trigger in following way.
1 Check Function Module (to place any validations/checks)
2 Receiver Type Function Module ()
3 Receiver Function Module.
Thats fine.
This is what documentation says about Receiver Type FM(2nd FM) not Receiver FM(3rd FM).
This FM has 1 export paramter
Export parameters
RECTYPE type SWETYPECOU-RECTYPE Receiver type( Result of the evaluation by the receiver type function module.)
if i am understanding this right, in this FM receiver type will be decided .
i have placed BREAK-POINT in this FM  and passing value WS90000024 (Workflow with simple mail step) in export parameter RECTYPE.
after everything executed successfully why i can't see that mail in my inbox.
Please correct me if i had misunderstood the concept .


ok,indeed i was missing this thing.
i got the mails in inbox.
but why i can't see this value WS90000024 of this workflow ()which is going to be triggered ) in parameter RECTYPE.(its empty).
it is empty after the receiver type function module execution is complete.
below is workflow template,

October 11, 2015

Receiver Type Function Module in SWE2 use of export parameter.

i am trying to understand the underlying concept in following things:(neednot to say i have searched alot and read sap documentation already). In event type linkage table say i have an entry for BOR -> AFVC_PM. As per sap Documentation says all these

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