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Hi Gurus,
  Any suggestions are welcome regarding a program having 2 custom controls on same screen. One is used to display an ALV (which is editable) and other is used to display error messages (if any).
Requirement 1:
The application validates data in ALV Data changed event and displays any errors in below message cust control. This is handled by ALV (using Display Protocol of CL_ALV_CHAGED_DATA_PROTOCOL).
To validate data that is NOT at all changed in Grid, hence I am unable to use the DATA_CHANGED event of ALV. I am validated this data outside ALV however <b>utilizing the same message custom control</b> to display any errors.
Since the 2 requirements dont match as one is managed by ALV and one is custom handled, the generation of messages could be either from req 1 or req 2.
For this purpose I tried calling FREE method separately for both requirements to reconstruct container object each time used to display errors. However it leads to runtime error ALV grid (not sure why) on random clicks.
When I dont use FREE method the messages from previous requirement dont get refresh.
Does anyone has ever tried reusing the same container.
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Resolved !

October 11, 2015

Re Utilize custom container

Hi Gurus,   Any suggestions are welcome regarding a program having 2 custom controls on same screen. One is used to display an ALV (which is editable) and other is used to display error messages (if any). Requirement 1: The application validates data

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