RE: Long text wrt Business Entity


Dear all,
I am working in Rent Invoice Smartform. I want to select long text corresponding to Business Entity Number in my smartform.
Now I have 2 questions in my mind.One is from ABAP part and other is from Functional (Real Estate) part.
Functional (Real Estate):
In which tcode of Real Estate these long text are  maintained?
I know that by using READ_TEXT  FM i can extratc the long text. But can          anyone give me the parameters for that. I have searched in STXH, TTXID and TTXOB tables but not successful.
Please suugest me on the same.
Its very urgent. Points assured.


I can give u only tech suggestion.
First u ask ur functional guy in which tcode it is maintained & where.
If u get that area where to write. Then double click on that area. Then from menu bar GOTO==> Header.
U will find there 4 informations i.e Object, ID, Object name, Language.
Pass those nomenclature in FM READ_TEXT
in exporting parameter id = object-id, name = object-name, langu = 'EN' or ur reqd language, object = object.
Tables = t_line
Reward pts if it is helpfull

November 30, -0001

RE: Long text wrt Business Entity

Dear all, I am working in Rent Invoice Smartform. I want to select long text corresponding to Business Entity Number in my smartform. Now I have 2 questions in my mind.One is from ABAP part and other is from Functional (Real Estate) part. Functional

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