RAD Ingest window


I have final cut pro 5.1.4 and when i try to import>panasonic P2. I get a blank RAD ingest window. I've tried throwing away my preferences too and still nothing. How can i fix this??


Welcome to the family. I do not have good news for you.
Has this ever worked for you or is the first time you've tried you new toys?
Search the forum for P2, you will find tons of assistance in hundreds of posts, especially look for author Shane Ross, one of the local P2 wonks. The forum has been dealing with P2 problems since the first cards shipped. You might also try creativecow.com and see if there is a forum just for your camera.

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RAD Ingest window

I have final cut pro 5.1.4 and when i try to import>panasonic P2. I get a blank RAD ingest window. I've tried throwing away my preferences too and still nothing. How can i fix this??Welcome to the family. I do not have good news for you. Has this eve

Log and Transfer bug - "RAD Ingest"????

I can not get the Log and Transfer window to appear. After several attempts it may appear but then says "RAD Ingest" in the top of window. It will not display the contents of a mounted P2 card, nor will the window close or anything in it functio

I can't believe prelude doesn't have "organize by date" in the Ingest window.

I mean, like what, 99.9% of all apps, even cheap 'unprofessional' ones, have this. It's just standard coding procedure; and why?? ..because it SAVES TIME when you have many files to wade through!  At v3.2 this common and 'foundational' feature should

Bootcamp not recognizing oem windows 7 disk

Started bootcamp and downloaded windows support software to usb. Then bootcamp accesses dvd drive to rad the windows 7 oem version installation disk I just purchased from computer. It tries to read for a while then dvd drive opens and everything stop

Prelude ingest seems frozen...

Hi There When I go into the ingest panel I can select a folder and the video loads alright but I am unable to select any of the videos which means I cannot ingest any footage. I am running the most recent update of CC 2014 on Windows 8.1 (ASUS ROG G7

Sound blaster 5.1 Live! 16bit Windows vi

Where do i find sound blaster 5. Li've! 6bit drivers for windows vista? i installed its driver from cd but that is only for win XP and i only hear the front speaker left and right ... what should i do ?Message Edited by quard on 02--20072:9 PMI don?t

Quicktime SDK for Windows very slow processing UNC paths

Hi, I am using the QuickTime SDK to ingest a file to XDCAM mov reference and storing the output file on a network drive using a UNC path. My call to QTNewDataReferenceFromFullPathCFString(...) is increadably slow in returning (7.5 seconds), so much s

Cannot Ingest AVCHD .MTS files in FCP 7

I am trying to Ingest .mts files into Final Cut Pro 7. I dragged all of the files from an SD card onto one of my External Hard Drives. I open up Final Cut Pro 7, Go to Log and Transfer, Navigate to the AVCHD folder then to the BDMV folder then finall

Prelude Ingest problem

I recently purchased CS6 Production Premium and am totally new to it. I decided to have a look at Prelude. I ingested a 16 min video file and played around with various buttons etc. trying to make a short clip. I did not save the project changes. Whe

Stuttering Audio from Capture Ingest

I have been having a problem for a while now.  When ingesting a tape or direct line, sometimes the audio on the record will begin stuttering.  At a seemingly random point, the audio of the record will begin to loop a 1 second bite over and over until

EBS on windows XP

HI All I know that I am posting this question in a wrong place but please help me with this. I have installed EBS R12.1.1 on a windows XP machine. Now I want to startup the EBS instance and these are the steps I follow for the same 1. Go to windows s

How to batch create SSO accounts from Windows or a PL/SQL script

We have just converted our 6i Forms and Reports to 10g (, and run them against a 9i database. In order to be able to securely run reports we set up and configured SSO for a few accounts via the Oracle Identity Management Provisioning Conso

FCE4 Failure to Ingest Marked Clips

My question regards ingesting only portions of clips using the mark in/out function of the AVCHD log and transfer process. I've been editing successfully with FCE4 for a year now, but the program will only ingest entire clips. If I mark in and out po

ERROR importing AVCHD H.264 files on Windows

I have a problem that is preventing my students from moving forward with their work, and I am STUMPED as to what the issue is. Computers are all the same, Windows 7, 64bit Enterprise (Octo-Core Xeon 3ghz with 11GB of RAM). CC is installed with the th

Windows Find File can't find Camera Raw.8bi though it's there

Hi everybody, Must be my age, but here it is: Windows Find File (the search utility from the Start button in XP) can't find Camera Raw.8bi although it's sitting perfectly inside: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Plugins\CS3\File Formats. Even *.8b

Prelude Ingest don't work as expected with P2 material.

Hi! I try to ingest my footage from P2 card and this is what's happening. If I just use Ingest dialog windows with P2 mode like just clicking the card, it shows only less than half of the footage as you can see in 2 images of below. Ok. So tryed to s

Ingesting AVCHD video already copied to Mac?

Someone dragged the contents of the SDHC card onto a Mac and wiped the card. How can I now ingest this video from Log and Transfer on the Mac. Thanks.If you have the entire contents of the card you can click the Add Volume button in the upper left of

Hearing audio while ingesting into FCP

Hello, Question - did some reorganizing and now I can't hear audio while I'm ingesting but audio is being ingested. Also the VU meter quits moving during the ingest. Is there is a setting that I'm missing? I can hear the audio fine when it plays in t

Windows 2000 Error

Hi all, I am receiving a error when running a projector on Windows 2000. "Unable to locate DLL. The dynamic link library gdiplus.dll could not be found.." I have authored the project on macintel, and downloaded and installed the latest mac hot f

How to ingest stream from NetGroup

Hi, I have created a peer to peer video chat application and it's working fine. now I just want to record both video stream from one location due to some bandwidth issue, so please give me some idea to ingest stream from a group by AS3 not AAC. I am