Quicktime SDK for Windows very slow processing UNC paths


I am using the QuickTime SDK to ingest a file to XDCAM mov reference and storing the output file on a network drive using a UNC path.
My call to QTNewDataReferenceFromFullPathCFString(...) is increadably slow in returning (7.5 seconds), so much so that the rest of the system gives up and the ingest fails.
I tried using QTNewDataReferenceFromCFURL(...) but this didn't make any difference.
If I map the network drive the call to QTNewDataReferenceFromFullPathCFString(...) is very quick and the ingest completes without issue.
I am using QuickTime SDK version 7.3, QuickTime player version 7.7.3 and Windows Server 2008 R2.
Is this a known problem with QuickTime?
Thanks for your help.


GarrySarre wrote:
I have 32gig of ram with CS5 running on Windows 7 and it never uses a scratch.
Not directly related to your main question, but this statement is flawed.  Photoshop ALWAYS opens scratch files.  I have 48GB and just opening Photoshop causes scratch files to be created with names like Photoshop Temp208190803952.
I only mention this because if you're not seeing such files created, you may not have your Scratch preferences or permissions set right.
Can you screenshot your Edit - Preferences - Performance panel, please, and post it here?
And a last note that DOES bear on your Liquify issues:  If you're truly using Liquify a lot, you really, REALLY need to look into upgrading to Photoshop CS6.  You know they re-wrote it to use the GPU in the new version, right?  It's night and day faster.

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Quicktime SDK for Windows very slow processing UNC paths

Hi, I am using the QuickTime SDK to ingest a file to XDCAM mov reference and storing the output file on a network drive using a UNC path. My call to QTNewDataReferenceFromFullPathCFString(...) is increadably slow in returning (7.5 seconds), so much s

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