Query timeout on 10g thin driver


I'm using the Statement.setQueryTimeout(...) method, but it doesn't seem to work when the server is shutdown.
I do the following:
1) create the statement and set the query timeout to 30 seconds
2) run a query that gets stuck waiting for a lock (ie select for update...)
Now, if I let it run normally I do see the following exception:
ORA-01013: user requested cancel of current operation
However, if I run the same query, but shutdown the database server before releasing the lock I see the client application hang indefinitely. The 30 second timeout never occurs.
If I take a thread dump I see my client is stuck on a socket read, which will never come because the db server was shutdown.
Why isn't the jdbc driver honoring the 30 second timeout if it can't communicate with the server? Does this mean that the timeout is actually controlled on the server-side?
any info is appreciated,


You didn't say how you were setting the client timeout, but this has worked for me in an adp.
'Temporarily increase query timeout, which is an application-wide setting
'CurrentProject.Connection.CommandTimeout = 60 'Too late to change this setting- no effect
Const cstrTimeoutOptionName As String = "OLE/DDE Timeout (Sec)"
Const clngTimeoutSecondsForQuery As Long = 300
strQueryTimeOutOriginal = Application.GetOption(OptionName:=cstrTimeoutOptionName)
Application.SetOption cstrTimeoutOptionName, CStr(clngTimeoutSecondsForQuery)

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I'm using the Statement.setQueryTimeout(...) method, but it doesn't seem to work when the server is shutdown. I do the following: 1) create the statement and set the query timeout to 30 seconds 2) run a query that gets stuck waiting for a lock (ie se

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