Purchase Order creation TIME


Hello all,
Anybody knows how do I find the creation time of a PO ? in Table EKKO I can find the creation DATE but not the TIME.


table CDHDR
and the objectclass 'EINKBELEG' is for purchasing order
Shafiat G.

November 30, -0001

Purchase Order creation TIME

Hello all, Anybody knows how do I find the creation time of a PO ? in Table EKKO I can find the creation DATE but not the TIME. THanks, IsaacHi table CDHDR and the objectclass 'EINKBELEG' is for purchasing order Regards Shafiat G.Read other 4 answers

Document in transfer for purchase order - creation not possible

Hi Experts, we get this error when we do confirmation"'document in transfer for purchase order - creation not possible'" any inputs are appreciated Rg samHi All, We have resolved the above problem. When user does confirmation ,if it sucessfully 

Purchase order creation with reference to Contract

Dear All                 Purchase order creation with reference to quantity contract the contract quantity is not copied in to po. any configuration copying rules required. please guide Regards Anand.Hi Buddy The correct business process is RV Preq c

Profitability segment for purchase order creation - how to read it

Hello, how to read it profitability segment for purchase order creation at item level ?? There's a method on ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST ? TksHi, Use the below FM from the function group KEAK To read: COPA_CALL_PROF_SEGMENT or COPA_INPUT_PSEGMENT_RETURN To cr

Error in : Purchase order Creation using BAPI_PO_CREATE1

Hell  guys, I am trying to create a PO using a BAPI - BAPI_PO_CREATE1 I want the new PO to have all the characteristics of an existing PO. whose PO # is  stored in wa_order_split_create-docnr and for the new PO, i want the quantity from wa_order_spli

Purchase Req creation time

Dear All, Is there any table to view the  PR created time? Please advice RegardsHi , please find following link it may helpful [Purchase Requisition creation time?; Regards Kailas UgaleRead other 3 answers

Document is in transfer for purchase order.Creation not possible

Dear All, We did partial confirmation in EBP and later when trying to do confiramtion for the remaining quantiy getting the message"document is in transfer for purchase order.Creation not possible" We are taking this problem in production as wel

BAPI for Purchase Order Creation

Hi All, Purchase Order creation through BAPI, Auto Po creation. Please advise program. The requirement is: when we delivery the goods from one plant to another plant,PO should create in second plant with goods what delivered from first plant. Pranith

Work Order Creation Time

Hi Guys I need a help with a problem here Our maintenance guys work in 3 different shifts. We would like to get a report about the workload in each shift I was wondering if its possible to get a list of orders with the creation time of each order. Ho

Purchase order creation on an hourly basis

Hi all, My reqmnt is to create purchase orders for shipments on an houly basis . I have one pgm which creates purchase orders based on shipment cost numbers or shipment cost type . So I need to know how to include date and time of cost document creat

RMS and offline purchase order creation

Hi, We are currently in CRP for RMS13 and discussing the options for buyers to have something on their laptop for PO creation while at the vendor or factory. Unfortunately in the far Far East, the buyers tell us that internet bandwidth is scarse and/

Issue with ORERS05 IDOC sending immediately after Purchase Order creation.

Hello, When output mode of an outbound partner profile was setup as Transfer immediately then when ever EDI output is generated in Purchase Order then system creates IDOC and sends immediately out of system. But middle ware has received only control

Problem in purchase order creation.

Hi, during the creation of a PO with trx ME21N the system generates the following error: System error in routine <b>FI_TAX_CHK_PRICING_DATA error code 13</b>How can I solve the problem? Yours trulyHi, Check the pricing procedure in the purchas

User Exit / BADI to Modify EKPV-TRAGR in Purchase Order Creation ME21N/ME59

Hi, I have a requirement to modify the Transportation Group (EKPV-TRAGR) on creation of Purchase Order. Can you please suggest me a suitable User Exit of BADI to accomplish this Task? Thanks, Kannanhi , here are the list of user exits for ME21n. AMPL

Purchase order Creation Problem

Dear All               For Local purchase NB order creation SAP Asking the Account assignement category. for only particular plant ,It should ask only Service orders. but why its asking the NB orders.      Even Valuation grouping code already assigne

Purchase order creation problem.. me21n

Hi All, I have the following requirement in creation of PO. When the Purchase Order of some type, say for eg. in my case its a custom type ZNB denoting intercompany pricing is created from a Purchase Requisition, the system should check the Account A

Error in purchase order creation

Hi, While doing me21n systyem throwing error message. "purchase order unit  "TO" allows fewer decimal places only" i want to enter purchase order quantity as 100.200 Tonnes but system is not allow this quantity how to rectify this erro

Purchase Order Creation without account assignment

Hi All, Is it possible to create a purchase order without assigning account assignment category? If yes kindly provide the configuration steps? Regards KrishnaHi , Purchase orders can be created without account assignments . For stock material which

Prevent Purchase Order creation without shopping cart

We have implemented SRM 5.0 Extended Classic Scenario. Is it possible to prevent purchase orders to be created for this scenario if there is no preceding document in the form of a shopping cart?Hi Marinda, The only ways to have a PO without SC is to

Purchase Orders - One Time Order

Hello. We are purchasing parts for a 1 time mock up of a product which has about 70 different pieces.  We are not going to keep track of inventory, and wondering if we must enter all these items in Item Master to create a PO? Or is there a way around