Problems with playing DVCPRO progressive movies


I have a DVCPRO HD 1080p25 movie (exported with Compressor from finalcut with DVCPRO HD 1080i50 codec, but without fields). It plays without problems in FCP and MPEG Streamclip, but in QuickTime the movie stock (fps shows me the correct 25, but on the screen it look's like 15 fps). Anyone know this problem/bug? Btw: DVCPRO HD 720p25 is OK.


We have unlimited internet,  never had any problems before with connection.  Have had apple tv for 12 months.
The last two days, apple tv is only playing previews and other apple option such as podcasts and youtube etc, but will not play any of our purchased movies.  I have switched everything off at power source, including internet, restarted the the apple tv, logged out of apple id and logged back in.  Checked location setting, checked the definition settings.
Nothing is working.  The loading icon just spins, but the movie does not appear to be able to load.
I am able to load the movie on the lap top, but when I switch to apple tv, it reverts back to loading.

November 30, -0001

Problems with playing DVCPRO progressive movies

I have a DVCPRO HD 1080p25 movie (exported with Compressor from finalcut with DVCPRO HD 1080i50 codec, but without fields). It plays without problems in FCP and MPEG Streamclip, but in QuickTime the movie stock (fps shows me the correct 25, but on th

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i've seen the intruction for playing video data (.rm) using real player and it works. Then i tried to play audio data (.wav, .dat, .mp3) with real player, but it didn't work. These are some codes i've wrote: ------------------------------------------

Problem with playing music as the alarm

OK ladies and gents - if someone can help me I'll be much greatful! So we've tried a whole bunch of stuff already and it could be that the **** iPod has a glitch. We shall see... So we have no problem getting the alarm to work, we can even get it to

Problems with "Quality" in iMovie-movies...

Hi Look at the picture from til movie. It has "stripes/hatching" (in lack of the right english word), and that appears on all (?) my movies. Anyone know why? Is has been recorded by a 2 year old canon hd cam, so the quality should be sufficent..

Does anybody has problem with playing youtube in Opera Mini after iOS6 update?

After iOS6 update I can not play youtube from Opera Mini,- neither link to youtube works and embedded video as well. It works ok with Safari, but I prefer using Opera Mini instead. If there is a embedded youtube video or just a link to, Ope

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Has anyone had problems with unable to rent movies from apple tv? I can watch movies on Netflix fine but when I click on the Movies Icon it acts like it's about to show the movie selections then it goes right back to the home screen!! Please help!!

I can watch Netflix fine from Apple tv but when I click onto the Movie Icon it acts as if it's about to show the movie rental selection then goes back to the home screen. Please help!My problem was solved by Winston Churchill. Step #2Read other 2 ans

Problems with playing..what to do?

i got my ipod as a christmas present in december which was 5-6 months ago. The other day on a trip i had to take, my ipod started to pause whenever it felt like it. It doesn't do this as much now but it still does it. It doesn't pause on a certain so

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Hi, I'm having difficulty's streaming from my macbook air to the tv screen via the apple tv. The Apple TV is conected to the Internet via wifi and it plays rented movies or streaming youtube fine but if i try to watch a movie from my laptop (stream o

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One mov file plays in Media Viewer on Ext Hd Drv, imported into FCPX it plays 5 sec then goes black. No problem with other mov files.

One mov file plays in Windows Media Viewer in Ext Hd Drv. Imported as Proxy Media into FCPX it plays in both Event and Time Line for 5 seconds, then goes black. No problem with many other mov files in same project. Tried converting this one file into

Problem with .MOV

Hi everyone, I'm having an issue with .mov files in After Effects. Here is my system: Windows 7 64 bits Sabertooth X58 Intel i7 920 @2.67GHz Nvidia GTX 640 12 GB Corsair DDR3 Adobe CS6 The problem: Some .MOV files I play in After Effect look corrupte

Problems with up button for scrolling movie clip. Please help!

Hi guys, I'm having problems with an 'up' button for scrolling a movieclip - the down button and drag seems to be working fine though. I followed a tutorial on kirupa exactly so I can't work out why this problem is occouring. What happens is, is if y